Biden’s monkeypox czar dispenses Pride Month sex advice in support of ‘joy’

There’s no good reason for fear of a highly contagious rash with oozing pustules to spoil the fun of Pride Month and President Joe Biden’s Monkeypox czar […]

Pervert professor charged with fooling around with his dog was an Elizabeth Warren donor

One of the most truly disgusting stories of the week involved a college professor who was charged with having sexual relations with his dog, a particularly sick […]

‘What a dope. Literally.’ Fetterman endorses magic mushrooms amid national drug addiction crisis

Senator John Fetterman has been keeping a relatively low profile since he drew fire for showing up at a debt ceiling news conference loing like he just […]

Nonprofit poop patrol group hits San Fran streets in ‘the scavenger hunt from hell’

When it comes to the deteriorating leftist utopia of San Francisco, little notice is paid to the once-pristine Pacific Coast city’s unsung heroes whose mission is to […]

Climate cult kid has yet another ‘death sentence’ prediction to add to the pile

Swedish climate cult sensation Greta Thunberg burst onto the world scene as a teenager with her hectoring “how dare you?” rant at the United Nations in 2019 […]

You’re FIRED! MLB pitcher learns a tough lesson about groveling to the ‘woke’ mob

First, they to his dignity and now they to his job. Major League Baseball pitcher Anthony Bass has learned a very hard lesson about bowing to the […]

‘F**k You!’ Dilbert creator gives blunt take on Biden regime jailing Trump on secret ‘evidence’

Dilbert creator Scott Adams who recently ran afoul of the “we” Taliban for his candid take on race relations threw in his two cents – and a […]

Muslim moms encourage kids to stomp on ‘Pride’ flags in viral video of anti-groomer protest

A video of young children in Canada being encouraged by their Muslim mothers to stomp on miniature rainbow-colored ‘Pride” flags is another example of a growing backlash […]

Finding 3 severed heads next to your desk is a pretty crummy way to start your workday

A worker at a Chicago-area nonprofit organization that is a sort of clearinghouse for medically donated bodies got an unpleasant surprise one day when he discovered a […]

‘This is what occupation looks like’: Rockefeller Center swaps out 193 UN member flags with ‘Pride’ flags

Rather than an oppressed minority, as it falsely presents itself, the ever-expanding rainbow alphabet alliance is a formidable political movement that has firmly taken root in the […]

O.J. missed out on ‘Terminator’ role because producers didn’t think he was a believable killer

One of the most iconic NFL players of the late 20th century missed out on the starring role in what was also one of the most iconic […]

‘Conspiracy theorists’ proven right AGAIN as WHO rolls out ‘COVID-19 certification’

At some point, there will need to be new conspiracy theories because so many of the old ones have come true with the latest being the World […]