Michelle Malkin: Triggering the Google social credit system

OPINION: Michelle Malkin I learned last week from a Silicon Valley whistleblower, who spoke with the intrepid investigative team at Project Veritas, that my namesake news and […]

Michelle Malkin: Open Borders Inc. — Who’s funding the wicked war on ICE?

OPINION: Michelle Malkin All the gun control zealots out in full force last week have apparently gone to the beach. An alarming shooting took place at a […]

Michelle Malkin: The VA already ‘red-flags’ veteran patriots. A chilling warning on how it works.

OPINION: Michelle Malkin Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.  Gun-grabbing crisis vultures just can’t let the latest mass shootings go to waste. […]

Michelle Malkin: Freedom of assembly under fire

OPINION: Michelle Malkin   Do law-abiding American citizens still have the right to gather peacefully to discuss their ideas without fear of government censorship and retribution? In […]

Michelle Malkin: NYC’s anti-cop anarchy and Dante de Blasio

OPINION: Michelle Malkin Dante de Blasio is the son of Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has abandoned his crime-wracked city (but not his public […]

Michelle Malkin: Defund Lutherans for open borders, now!

OPINION: Michelle Malkin If you were shocked by the images of the Mexican flag flying over an Aurora, Colorado, immigration detention center this weekend, you’ll be appalled […]

Michelle Malkin: Epstein, Bean & Buck – The Democratic donors’ sex-creep club

OPINION: By Michelle Malkin Well, well, well. “Follow the facts,” Democratic strategist Christine Pelosi now advises fellow liberals in the wake of billionaire and high-flying political financier Jeffrey […]

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