BAM! James Woods responds to Obama’s ridiculous ‘fight terror with climate change’ speech

In a rambling Paris speech on Monday, President Barack Obama gave the world a dire warning about climate change. The bloviating went on so long that the organizers […]

Five reasons Jorge Ramos’ version of getting kicked out of Trump presser is laughable

Fusion’s activist journalist and host Jorge Ramos told his version of how he was thrown out of a Donald Trump press conference in Iowa Tuesday. Speaking to […]

‘Highest number yet’: Latest Trump poll sparks conversations with Jesus

Republican lightning rod, Donald Trump, had people invoking the name of Jesus after he announced results of another poll touting his growing lead in the race to be […]

Hillary creates new dance move at Martha’s Vineyard party – ‘Doin’ the Server Swipe!’

America’s next dance craze has arrived. Hillary and Bill Clinton were “busting a move” on the Vineyard this weekend and CNN’s diligent news reporting covered it for […]

Bernie Sanders beats Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire poll

Sen. Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton for the first time in New Hampshire, according to a new poll tracking the Democratic presidential nominees. According to The […]

DISINVITED! Trump’s RedState invite rescinded, Megyn Kelly asked to stand in; Team Trump NOT HAPPY

Donald Trump’s latest comment about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly was “a bridge too far” for RedState’s Erick Erickson. Just before midnight on Friday, Erickson disinvited Trump to speak […]

Matthew McConaughey’s wife becomes a citizen – the legal way – ‘so much respect, appreciation for this country’

Oscar-winning actor and former ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ Matthew McConaughey is also a father of three and the very proud husband of a new American citizen. McConaughey tweeted […]

Ted Cruz makes ‘machine gun bacon’ and it’s a pretty cool video

When he isn’t being a senator from Texas, or a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz spends some time appealing to voters who appreciate two […]

Montel Williams
Montel Williams: ‘Mr. President, lower flag, stop making service members wonder what they’re fighting for’

Respect for United States armed forces is a top priority for TV personality Montel Williams and he won’t give President Obama a free pass on it. Williams […]

Hallelujah! Colorful advice on how NOT to get eaten by sharks sweeps Internet – it’s hilarious!

Veronica-Pooh Nash Poleate may have missed her true calling. The vivacious, self-proclaimed meat-lover posted a video on social media this week that’s gone viral in a matter […]

Little sweetheart really hates avocados and her expressions are priceless!

My heart goes out to this poor girl. It took forever for her polite looks of terror to sink in to mom and dad. She gets points […]

James Woods
Actor James Woods has good reason to find Tsarnaev verdict ‘truly troubling’

Actor James Woods has become a hands-down favorite celebrity on Twitter among many conservatives (and BPR), for good reason. His thoughtful, no BS tweets become instant classics. […]