Obama could learn from Canadian prime minister’s dead-on message on radical Islam

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper left little doubt about how he viewed the recent Paris terrorist attack, saying “the international jihadist movement has declared war.” While President […]

False rape accusations cause man to be beaten to death

A Barrow, Alaska couple faces felony murder charges after a man was beaten to death in his hotel room over false charges of rape. Dominique Vasquez, 31 and […]

Al Sharpton forced to explain why a Viagra prescription in his name was found in friend accused of rape’s home

Just one day after civil rights attorney Sandy Rubenstein is cleared of rape allegations made against him by a top official of the National Action Network, his […]

State forces teen cancer patient to undergo chemo; ‘unprecedented assault on constitutional rights’

Against her will, a Connecticut teenager suffering from cancer is being forced by the state to undergo chemotherapy. A judge with the state’s Supreme Court ruled in […]

Rangel: ‘I never was moved’ for dead soldier unless they were black

For Rep. Charlie Rangel, skin color trumped uniform color — even in combat. Appearing on MSNBC on Monday, the New York Democrat said he saw plenty of American […]