Authorities threaten parents for letting kids walk home alone from park

Maryland parentscould face neglect charges after allowing their children to walk home from the park. The couple is outraged and speaking out to the media about it. […]

Powerful emotional content makes veteran dog ad best commercial of 2014 winner

A commercial showing the reality of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has earned a well-deserved award. Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation trains service dogs for soldiers living with PTSD. […]

Anti-Islamist activist Pamela Geller plans counter-strike at ‘Stand with the Prophet’ conference

Pamela Geller is no stranger to controversy, and this Saturday she will show Texas she is ready to defend freedom of speech. Wiy consideredan expert in Islamic […]

One of Pelosi’s favorite Dem congressmen has deep ties to suspect Muslim groups

U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, an Indiana Democrat, may be one of Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked selections to serve on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,but he has […]

Blockbuster report: Billionaire Soros funneled money behind Ferguson, NYC demonstrations

The months of marches, protests and clashes between demonstrators and police that marked the last months of 2014 were very much a production of liberal billionaire George […]

Toddler stuck alone in stolen car rescued when he answered cell phone

A 3-year-old Utah boy was reunited with his mother after authorities report they were able to locate the stolen car when the boy answered his mother’s cell […]

Russell Brand targets Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro in disjointed rant; calls her African-American

Hollywood actor Russell Brand, known for his obsession with Fox News than movies he starred in, has once again set his sights on the News Corp. […]

Video: Teen hailed as hero for saving life of cop who was booking him

A Florida teenarrested for violating probationsavedthe life of the police officer who was boing him intocustody. Jamal Rutledge, 17,was being processed in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department […]

Al-Jazeera memo to attacked newspaper: ‘It’s not all about you!’

Leaked es from inside the Al Jazeera network show staff from the Qatar-based channel criticizing the “I am Charlie” movement that began shortly after Wednesday’s attack on […]

Chick-fil-A act of kindness brings national attention to modest restaurateur

The owner of an Alabama Chick-fil-Arestauranthas gained national attention after a patron posted a photo on the Internet showing him giving kindness to someone in need. Mark […]

5-year-old may have been alive when dad threw her off bridge, officials say

A youngFloridagirl was still alive when her father threw her off the St. Petersburg Bridgethis week, police told reportersFriday.   A police officer watched in horror as […]

Fourth-grade girls plot to hurt ‘mean’ teacher with hand sanitizer

A plot by two 9-year-old New Yorkers to hurt their teacher with hand sanitizer was thwarted last month by observant classmates and their quick-acting parents. The two […]