Children ages 2-8 guzzle rum cocktails before restaurant notices mistake

What’s the difference between a Nibble and a Bite? Six children between the ages of 2 and 8 can tell you. That is …. if they are […]

marine free1
Too soon? Greta Van Susteren slammed for airing Tahmooressi’s painful interview

Healing or Hurtful? Greta Van Susteren has been hailed as a hero for focusing American consciousness on the fate of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, but fans are […]

Bearded Barney Frank: I Thought of Tea Party as ‘dumb animals’

Dumb is as dumb does. In referring to the Tea Party as “dumb animals,” former Dem Congressman Barney Frank set a new low for himself with his […]

Rand Paul hits Hillary ‘harder than Mitt and McCain did to Obama in two elections’ – brilliant

Rand Paul has unleashed a photographic reminisce about the political road to failure for those walking too closely on the trail with Hillary Clinton. Readers have cheered […]

It was all too much for ‘pissant’ Chris Matthews; watch him SNAP!

Last night, embittered MSNBC political commentator Chris Matthews loudly vented to N.J. Democrat Cory Booker in a purported interview that was nothing more than an angry diatribe. “This pissant […]

Bill Clinton gets attention photo-bombing sad little girl; stick to the script, Slick Willie

Former President Bill Clinton receives a ridiculous amount of press coverage without trying, so his penchant for photo-bombing unsuspecting girls at political events is surprising at best, […]

Watters’ World: The midterm elections edition – enjoy!

When swimming in the confusing world of Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters, though it is trite, there is only one appropriate phrase when you come up for air: […]

Thirsty pilot drives plane down main street to get a drink at the bar

An unnamed man who taxied his light, wingless plane down a main street in the middle of the day and parked outside a pub is expected to […]

SEAL dog1
‘That totally ROCKS!’: Navy SEAL and his war dog make awesome descent into Cowboys stadium

NFL Fans in Texas got a glimpse of real heroism before Sunday’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys as a Navy Seal and his […]

‘What you are doing is unforgivable’: GOP candidate’s wife confronts Cuomo over attack ads

Mom, school teacher and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s wife, Sheila Astorino, directly accosted Governor Andrew Cuomo, D-NY in a soon-to-be viral video for his misrepresentations about […]