Pre-protest protesters led by white activists mock Ferguson citizens’ fear of imminent riots

With a grand jury decision whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown expected any day now, protesters and […]

PETA’s not talking; accused of snatching pet dog from porch, killing it, returning with an apology fruit basket

PETA may claim to treat animals well, but a Virginia man says the group is CRUEL to humans. According to, Maya the chihuahua disappeared from a […]

Dems refuse to allow double amputee war vet, in a risky pregnancy, a proxy vote

The House Democratic Caucus leadership and committee member elections are next week, but not for Rep. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill.. Duckworth is 46 and eight months pregnant, putting […]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns from cancer scare to liberal haters

Why unkind viewers would spend time watching and then making rude comments about Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s return to “Fox & Friends” Friday is perplexing indeed. Hasselbeck faced a […]

School district scraps ALL religious holidays under pressure from Muslims

In a decision prompted by complaints from Muslim families, the board of education in Maryland’s largest school district on Tuesday voted to remove all Christian and Jewish […]

Best man confronts buddy’s wife in the act of cheating; posts video on Internet

Thanks to technology and the Internet, the dark and tangled web of cheating on a spouse or significant other can easily become a public spectacle. Witness the […]

Charlie Rangel says he thought ‘white cracker’ was a term of endearment; watch liberal host crack up

HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill burst out laughing when Harlem Democrat Charles Rangel tried to explain his use of the term “white crackers” when describing members […]

Pregnant woman panhandling with small child is caught in Mercedes, laughing while counting cash

Especially with the holiday season coming, kind-hearted people beware! It’s hard to find a street corner without a panhandler these days, and the more needy the beggars […]

G-20 leaders book rooms in Australia; guess who the biggest spender is?

The “Magic Wallet” is open again. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, among others, will all be attending the G-20 […]

minn school
Punishment of NON-WHITE students now requires district approval in Minneapolis

Hispanic and black students can no longer be suspended by a teacher or principal in Minneapolis. Is that reverse discrimination?   The suspension of non-white students in the […]

Young singer gets support from conservatives, and not just for her awesome name

Conservative fans of NBC’s hit show “The Voice” are celebrating a new star. Already infatuated with Sadie Robertson on “Dancing With The Stars, ” Conservatives have a […]

Single people banned from family theme park to prevent pedophilia

Imagine if this happened in America! Matthew Richards, 54, and grandfather of three, happens to be a bird-lover. So much of a bird-lover that he traveled 25 […]