First-time Supreme Court case could change threshold for online threats

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Dec. 1 on whether threatening Facebook posts constitute free speech, in what promises to be its first examination on First […]

What you should know about your new FDA food nanny

On Tuesday, new Food and Drug Administration rules will be issued that will affect chain restaurants, vending machines, movie theaters, grocery stores, coffee shops and pizza joints […]

Virginia man hangs Nazi flag outside home to send Obama a message; neighbors outraged

A Virginia man who identified himself as Dr. William Wheeler hung the Nazi flag outside his home because he wanted to compare President Barack Obama to Adolf […]

Dad Willie moved to tears by Sadie’s perfect performance

Can Sadie bring the Mirrorball Trophy home to Duck Dynasty for Thanksgiving? At the other end of the spectrum from the upheaval in Ferguson, Mo., on Monday, […]

Like a boss! Mike Rowe takes on liberal’s challenge to explain how a Christian – or anyone – could vote Republican

Ask a stupid question,  get an insightful response from Mike Rowe. Rowe, the Discovery Channel star famous for his role as host of “Dirty Jobs” is often […]

Michael Brown’s dad wears perplexing T-shirt to hand out turkeys

The family of Michael Brown ought to stay out of the T-shirt business – selling them AND wearing them. Michael Brown Sr. wore this perplexing, grammatically incorrect […]

Fox lib Williams disgusted with black Dems’ contempt for triumphant black conservatives

Fox News analyst Juan Williams might be lonely on the liberal cocktail circuit for a while. The generally lefty pundit admits to “rooting” for Republicans recently … […]

Principal who conducted extreme shooting drill – cops busting into classes with guns – gets suspended

A Florida school district on Tuesday suspended a middle school principal while it investigates how she conducted a drill with local police last week that included armed […]

‘Every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare’: Punishment demanded for school official’s racist re-tweet

A high school assistant principal’s Twitter re-posting that mocked interracial dating sparked a walkout by black and white students Monday who demanded the administrator be punished for […]

Sadie baby
Sadie’s journey to ‘Dancing With the Stars’ finale

The beat goes on for the dancing daughter of “Duck Dynasty.” Sadie Robertson and partner Mark Ballas advanced by scoring 37 out of a possible 40 points […]

Award-winning documentary filmmaker’s priceless reaction when fool asks him about Kim Kardashian

As an award-winning documentary filmmaker, it is should be no surprise that Ken Burns tells the truth. So why would a TMZ.com photographer be bold enough to […]

‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ video: A comical twist on ‘Grubergate’

The clip of Nancy Pelosi in the last 5 seconds of the video are priceless. Remy Munasifi, known simply as “Remy” is at it again, making satirical, […]