Jail time for Christians: No longer a hypothesis

The SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare and homosexual marriage means the Constitution will now say whatever leftists want it to say.

Obama’s race-baiting harms black youths

In his New Yorker magazine interview, President Obama claimed the following as a contributing factor for his declining poll numbers, “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks […]

Danger, danger Phil Robertson! Do not kiss Jesse Jackson’s ring

For the sake of America, please, please, Phil, do not surrender. We have seen this scenario played out on countless occasions — the left launching a shock-and-awe […]

lloyd marcus
Time for American people to demand apology from NAACP

For many years, the political left has shamelessly abused the American people, slandering, beating and bullying them into submission with the false narrative that America is a […]

MADONNA boyscout
Lloyd Marcus: ‘Homosexuality is normal’ movement’s dangerous bullies

Think of us as crew members on the Starship Enterprise, boldly going where no one has gone before. That’s what it feels like challenging the “homosexuality is […]

lloyd marcus
Lloyd Marcus: Stop making excuses for your black idol

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama is the leader of a movement rather than our president pursuing the best interest of the United States of America. […]