KIDS bused to desperate Hillary event to fill seats; media multiplies 700 to THIS CRAZY number

Can you say early indoctrination?

‘Enlightened’ DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz attempts to explain ‘religious freedom’ to regular people

If you’re a business owner, the Constitution’s religious freedom protections arenot foryou, a top Democrat says. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman known for making […]

Council members craft bill to allow non-citizens to vote in DC elections

Non-citizens living in the District of Columbia may soon be able to vote in local elections. D.C. council members have crafted a bill to “expand the definition […]

Man dies lighting fireworks off his head; parents demand stricter fireworks controls

In what sounds like a parody of gun-grabbers’ arguments, parents in Maine are demanding stronger firework regulations after their son died over the weekend shooting off Fourth […]

Carly Fiorina SHREDS Hillary’s CNN interview; she wasn’t asked about her failures!

When Hillary Clinton sat down with CNN for her first major interview since launching her campaign, she was asked about her issues with trustworthiness in relationship to […]

A miracle in the NY Times! Full page loaded with unlikely message

New York Times readers experienced a rare event this week

Christian clubs rejected as ‘discriminatory’ allowed back on campus, but only under conditions

Christian clubs that refuse to allow non-Christians to take leadership positions are now considered “discriminatory” by California State University administrators. Groups like InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Chinese Christian […]

Anti-gun lady mad at JC Penney for craziest thing, media slobbers all over it

“Suns out, guns out” is a well-known phrase. It’s a reference to showing your muscles in a sleeveless tank top. But one anti-gun activist and mother feels […]

Carnival Cruise line announces travel to Cuba in 2015

Get ready to travel to Cuba: In the coming months, students and tourists alike will be able to visit the oppressed country. Carnival Cruise just announced […]

Teacher gets exactly what he deserves for stomping on flag in front of class

An Illinois high school teacher sparked protest from local veterans in May when he threw the American flag on the ground and began to stomp on it. […]

Surveillance video: FSU quarterback punches woman in the face at a bar, calls it self-defense

Punching a woman in the face in a crowded bar isn’t the kind of highlight video college athletes dream about, but a Florida football player is facing […]

Charges pressed against top Dem activist who threatened 12-year-old Obama critic

The woman who launched an on campaign of bullying and veiled threats against Internet sensation CJ Pearson, frightening the young conservative’s family enough to drive the boy […]