Bill O’Reilly responds to hoopla around confrontation with JetBlue staffer he called a ‘f–king scumbag’

After a perceived scuffle at an airport was caught on video, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly suggested witnesses had missed the forest for the trees as […]

Biden may delay lifting Title 42 as Democrats fret over looming midterm disaster: report

President Joe Biden’s reactionary leadership has continually highlighted the growing divide within his own party as he now faces a lose-lose scenario on the border crisis that […]

Baltimore looks to ‘transform’ police dept. by hiring civilian investigators amid staffing shortage

With violent crime continuing to rise in major cities across the nation, one metropolitan area is putting public perception ahead of problem-solving as they announced a plan […]

Fox News host asks where DeSantis’ examples of CRT in math books are

(Video: Fox News) Following a Friday press release from the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) that the state had rejected 41 percent of submitted math textbos over […]

Biden’s EPA using Covid relief money to fund woke, green agenda and ‘environmental justice’

As President Joe Biden and midterm leery Democrats continue to shift blame for the economic woes of the American people onto Russian President Vladimir Putin, a cursory […]

Candace Owens says she’s not celebrating end of mask mandates, and neither should you

(Video: Fox News) American air travelers were jubilant when a federal judge in Florida struck down President Joe Biden’s ongoing mandatory mask mandate Monday and, as the […]

Elon Musk’s sharp plan to save Twitter $3M a year out of the gate may explain board’s resistance

Whether or not the board of directors over at thought they had heard the last of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk after turning down his generous offer […]

Christina Pushaw crowd sources reply to journo on DeSantis appointments by race and it’s pure gold

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ speswoman Christina Pushaw put her full ownership of left-wing media hacks on display Monday when she crowdsourced response to an overtly biased question […]

Kamala Harris reveals Wordle habit, tactics; implies she played during tense diplomatic visit to Poland

Vice President Kamala Harris’ vain attempt to relate to the American people by discussing her daily puzzle habit was littered with narcissistic humble brags and, even worse, […]

Philadelphia hit with lawsuit after becoming first major US city to reinstate mask mandate

As the city of Philaphia reinstates its indoor mask mandate on Monday, a lawsuit filed by a group comprised of local businesses and residents alleges the city’s […]

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross, panel mock white people in ‘Atlanta’ fretting over reparations

(Video: MSNBC) An MSNBC panel found themselves in hysterics Saturday over anyone’s individual concern regarding hypothetical reparations after a television show offered a surreal portrayal of the […]

Senate Democrat says it’s time for US to consider when to send troops to Ukraine

(Video: CBS News) A Senate Democrat openly contradicted himself during a Sunday interview, doubling down on calls for open war against Russia and arguing that Russian President […]