data fusion center
Federally funded anti-terrorist centers branded ‘pools of ineptitude’

WASHINGTON – On the heels of a scathing U.S. Senate investigation, 77 federally funded anti-terrorist centers are being branded “pools of ineptitude.” And it’s a costly pool […]

Smithfield company pork
Chinese buyout of Smithfield raises food-security concerns

WASHINGTON – A food-safety group called a Chinese purchase of America’s largest pork producer “bad news for U.S. farmers and consumers” as opposition began building to the […]

Leahy amendments boost cash-for-green cards program

WASHINGTON — A controversial investor-visa program would become permanent and award green cards to more foreign nationals if Congress approves amendments to a pending immigration reform bill. […]

Dodd Frank
How Dodd-Frank sets up Cyprus-like ‘bail-in’ for US banks

A 2010 financial-reform law sets up a “bail-in” program that puts U.S. bank depositors at risk, according to a new report. “The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, among […]

Data Fusion Centers
Why DHS’ new Fusion Center failed to stop Boston bombing

WASHINGTON — Federal Fusion Centers — massive data-retention facilities funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security — have spread out across 77 cities, collaborating with […]

Tom Harkin, Sen.
Bankster alert: Tom Harkin introduces Glass-Steagall bill in Senate

WASHINGTON – The push to restore the Glass-Steagall banking act has returned to the U.S. Senate. Sen. Tom Harkin on Thursday introduced S. 985, which would rebuild […]

Alleged bipartisan gunrunning ‘cover-up’ clouds Benghazi investigation

WASHINGTON – Alleging a bipartisan “cover-up” of U.S. gunrunning operations in the Mideast, critics are calling for an independent investigation of the 9/11 attack in Benghazi. Despite numerous congressional […]

al qaeda flag
Al-Qaida/CIA gun connection ignored in Benghazi probe

WASHINGTON – A day-long congressional hearing into the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi left open questions about al-Qaida’s alleged connections to CIA operations in […]

Congress to be hit with hard push to restore Glass-Steagall banking law

WASHINGTON – As America’s workforce continues to shrivel in a stalled economy, a political activist group is calling for a “National Week of Action,” beginning Monday. With […]