student loan
Sallie Mae: How feds fuel student-loan fiasco

While wringing their hands over America’s student-loan crisis — a $1-trillion debt bubble resembling the 2008 mortgage meltdown — federal officials ought to look in the mirror. […]

ERic cantor
GOP challenger rips Eric Cantor on immigration, ‘crony capitalism’

LOCUST GROVE, Va. — Dave Brat is challenging Rep. Eric Cantor in a Republican primary — and giving the House majority leader a verbal thrashing on immigration. “Cantor is […]

Virginia Senate takeover
GOP calls Senate takeover a ‘day of outrageous power grabs’ by Virginia Dems

In what Republicans called “a Virginia version of Harry Reid’s nuclear option,” Democrats invoked new rules giving them control of all state Senate committees. With Democratic Lt. […]

Harry Reid
Ethics complaint filed against Senator Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the target of an ethics and conflict-of-interest complaint over his involvement in a visa-investor venture. The complaint, filed by the activist […]

IRS pays illegals $4.2 billion while stalling tea parties

While harrying and stalling tea party groups seeking nonprofit status, the Internal Revenue Service mailed $4.2 billion in child-credit checks to undocumented immigrants. Critics say midlevel IRS bureaucrats continue […]

Park Service losing $76 million a day in shutdown

Every day that America’s national parks remain shut down, $76 million is lost at the “Barrycades.” Last year, the country’s 410 parks and monuments hosted 715,000 visitors […]

‘Move on’ ad campaign attempts to crush Tea Party; response, bring it! is whipping up its followers to make the most of the congressional gridlock in Washington, D.C., and rustle up a few bucks. “The (government) shutdown — while terrible for America — is […]

homeschool law
VA home-school group fights Nazi law, Obama collaborators

First, they came for the Germans. A family seeking asylum in Tennessee is in danger of being shipped back to Germany after U.S. courts determined that their […]

GOP congressmen draw wrath over failure to endorse African-American

Exercising “passive distancing,” two Virginia GOP congressmen are not endorsing their party’s lieutenant governor candidate, E.W. Jackson. Reps. Scott Rigell and Randy Forbes have drawn the wrath of the Virginia Tea Party Alliance […]

elvis in las vegas
Your tax dollars at work: Feds bet on Latino League in Vegas (video)

The U.S. Army and the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Minority Health each contributed $50,000 as “presidential sponsors” of the League of United Latin […]

Mexican children
IRS pays immigrants billions for real or imagined kids overseas

WASHINGTON – Children living overseas. Thousands of tax filers from the same addresses – many with no taxes owing, and of unknown legal status. They’re all in […]

GOP shopper: It’s a SNAP to live on reduced food stamp allotment

A food fight erupted over a House farm bill Tuesday, with a handful of Democrats and a Republican aide wrangling over the cost of groceries. About 30 […]