Terror alert: Foreign students go off grid with expired visas

As America’s colleges resume classes, thousands of foreign students with expired visas are no-shows. The Department of Homeland Security says 6,000 of them represent a national security […]

Federal agencies caught spending millions to support unions with taxpayers’ money

The Internal Revenue Service isn’t the only federal agency where hundreds of employees do union business full-time on the public’s dime. “Taxpayers spent around $156 million on […]

vote twice
Our nation’s voter rolls are a mess: 6.9 million multiple voters in 28 states, report finds

Some 6.9 million Americans are registered to vote in two or more states, according to a report obtained by Watchdog.org. “Our nation’s voter rolls are a mess,” […]

Holder’s ‘terrorism committee’ targets America

Think the National Security Agency is doing enough snooping in “The Homeland?” A federal spying coalition aims to drill deeper under the Orwellian title, Domestic Terrorism Executive […]

Political scientist puts Cantor loss ‘a 9.0 on the Richter scale’; so what happened?

Fed up with the arrogance, the cronyism and a perceived sellout on illegal immigration, voters in Virginia’s conservative 7th Congressional District did Tuesday what no one has […]

IRS allows billions in improper tax credits, report finds

A new government report says the IRS is making little progress in reducing improper payments of Earned Income Tax Credits — allowing more than $13 billion to slip through last […]

IRS-Social Security seizure a ticking time bomb

The Washington Post declared victory Tuesday for exposing the seizure of income-tax refunds to claw back alleged Social Security over-payments. But the legal issue of garnishing money from the […]

‘Alarming mismanagement’: Foreign students taking jobs from Americans, risking US security

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A fast-growing foreign-student work program is taking jobs from U.S. citizens, while its “alarming mismanagement” poses a national security threat, critics charge. “Foreign students, sometimes […]

Martha Boneta
Farmers win land-use fight; ‘food freedom’ next

LOCUST GROVE, Va. — Martha Boneta, a big-spirited small farmer, calls newly enacted land-use legislation a “landmark event” that will boost agricultural entrepreneurs in Virginia. “No Virginian should […]

Mailboxes stay open for IRS checks to undocumented immigrants

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A congressional crackdown on illegal immigrants getting checks from the IRS has some cracks in it. The proposed legislation doesn’t stop illegals from obtaining Individual […]

Canada dumps investor-visa program

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the U.S. government wrestles with its controversial investor-visa program, Canadians are killing theirs. Like America’s EB-5 system, Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program made thousands of […]

John Guandolo
Counterterrorism conference threatens to blow up on VA sheriff

CULPEPER, Va. – The Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a counterterrorism program conducted by a controversial former FBI agent – and catching flak for it. John […]