Remember Screamin’ Howard Dean? Check out how he responds to poll results on Hillary’s honesty

We all remember the scream that rocked the 2004 Democratic presidential race, right?

New Jersey mayor passionately rejects bigotry claim after mosque proposal denied

“It is very disappointing to me that the former mayor of this town, who we trusted, is working to use these tactics and instill fear . . . “

Former Iranian president not satisfied with Obama’s $400 million ransom and is upping the ante

If you thought American’s were riled up by the U.S. sending $400 million in cash to Iran as American hostages were being released, wait until word spreads that the Persian Gulf nation now wants $2 billion.

Electing Peter Feaman — ‘It’s now or never to save this country’

“It’s personal for me, for two generations.”

Mother of Navy SEAL: Obama ignored our ONE request, used son’s death for photo op instead

“What we experienced there is the families unanimously asked Barack Obama…”

Hillary’s ‘black soul’ gets listed on eBay, price is too much but so is the product description!

Looks like someone’s been paying attention.

Here’s a ‘shock’ presidential poll you definitely won’t hear the mainstream media touting

Bad, bad news for Democrats.

Woman cloaked in full Muslim garb wants apology from manager who told her to leave store

“You have to understand, this is a high crime area and we get robbed a lot.”

Humans hooked on Pokemon break out the hair dye – wait until you see their dog turned into Pikachu!

Not everyone on Twitter was thrilled.

First law officer in the US charged in terrorist-related sting; the location is frightening

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Mississippi police chief just added something to every patrol car that’s likely to enrage BLM

“You are not going to be able to please everyone, but 100 percent of my officers completely agreed, the mayor agreed and everyone has absolutely loved it.”

Video: Malia Obama twerking, grinding and flashing her booty at Lollapalooza

First daughter Malia Obama doesn’t mind the public eye. Malia, who turned 18 on July 4, was caught on camera recently baring a little too much for […]