Texas official asks Greg Abbott why he didn’t plan for Biden’s open border the minute Joe won

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is under fire by the head of the state’s Department of Agriculture for not doing nearly enough to secure the border and stave […]

Oakland Police Dept. stripped of millions by city counsel in favor of more social service programs

The aggressive and misguided campaign to defund the police claimed another casualty recently as over $17 million dollars was taken from the Oakland Police Department even as […]

Tom Cotton suggests ‘Just Do It’ is Nike’s attitude on China genocide, slams kowtowing CEOs

Sparks flared Monday on “Fox News Primetime” as Senator Tom Cotton accused Nike of disinterest in a foreign genocide to which they seemed to back the perpetrators. […]

Hannity takes gloves off in war with ‘partisan hack’ Stelter: ‘Pro-stalker Humpty will never police my record’

CNN host and distressed author Brian Stelter is once again in the news as his ongoing feud with Sean Hannity hits a fevered pitch. The Fox News […]