SEIU strike
SEIU workers strike over Obamacare job cuts

When Obama was pitching Obamacare, unions like the powerful Service Employees International Union supported him 110%. That isn’t working out so well for them. Members of the […]

Samuel L. Jackson
Top quotes of the week

This week in quotes: September 20-26, 2013. May your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases. — Allan Brauer, the communications chair of the Democratic […]

CAIR demands Maryland schools close for Islamic holidays

On the one hand, it’s a good idea to be respectful of religious holidays. However, in a nation like America that has people from every faith on […]

senators lee, cruz
House GOP may demand Dems in Congress live under Obamacare like rest of us

What a lot of people have missed about the defund Obamacare strategy promoted by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee is that we can actually accomplish a lot […]

Liberal Brit calls for UN invasion to disarm America

This is cute in a four year old saying swear words to get attention sort of way. Without the United States, the United Nations would have trouble […]

10 Hollywood celebrities who should be blacklisted by conservatives

One of the biggest problems that conservatives have in this country is that we’re far too willing to support people who mock, despise and hate us. They […]

20 of the most obnoxious quotes from college professors

College classrooms are supposed to be politically neutral, not indoctrination centers for liberalism. Yet, we have conservative parents who save money for decades to send their children […]

Top quotes of the week

This week in quotes: September 13-19, 2013. While the president is happy to negotiate with Vladimir Putin, he won’t engage with Congress. — John Boehner When you […]

7 examples of discrimination against Christians in America

The majority of Americans are Christians, but we’re not treated with respect by the culture, the schools, or by our politicians. “Vengeance” may be the Lord’s to […]

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