New Trump-Pence logo raises a whole lotta eyebrows – let’s just say you’ll know who’s boss

This is classic.

‘Freaked out’ Democrats in meeting with Hillary: Why are the polls ‘so close’?

“We wouldn’t be Democrats if there weren’t a few bed-wetters.”

Trump nearly breaks the Internet with ‘Crooked Hillary Pokemon Go’ parody attack ad

“I’m a Democrat, lol, but this is funny as hell.”

Outcry after 75-year-old white man is beaten unconscious by young black male on NYC street

Why isn’t this a ‘hate crime?’

Hillary channels her ‘inner Obama’ on campaign trail proving it will be 4 more years of misery

This is not the way to win the American people over.

Trump already making allies? Brexit leader announces he’ll be attending the GOP convention

Liberals must be seething.

Report: FBI agents in Hillary’s email investigation ‘sworn to secrecy’ through special agreements

One former agent said could have a “chilling effect.”

CNN mysteriously loses live feed the minute reporter starts exposing Hillary’s hypocrisy


Ann Coulter destroys Mike Pence amid VP rumors: ‘My next door neighbor would be better!’

“Pence is the combo-platter of disaster.”

In front of thousands tenor single-handedly changes lyrics to ‘All Lives Matter’ during Canadian anthem

Oh, to have been in that audience!

Could the wait finally be over? Looks like inside sources just leaked Trump’s VP pick

Could this really be it?

Black Lives Matter has list of demands, including one big one, as they block Minneapolis freeway

Take a look at the press release that was sent out by the group following their traffic-stopping protest:

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