Obama says he will NOT punish possible Clinton VP choice for breaking federal law – ‘he made a mistake’

Dems call breaking laws “making a mistake” and poof! no charges.

Obama calls GOP convention, featuring grieving Benghazi mother and a tribute to cops, ‘strange and outrageous’

President Obama is already trashing the Republican National Convention (RNC) before it’s even over.

‘My Little Pony’ starts trending on Twitter, strangely because of Melania Trump’s speech

What do Melania Trump and Twilight Sparkle of “My Little Pony” have in common?

Mother of son killed by an illegal admits she contemplated suicide before Trump: ‘He became my hero!’

“Nobody was helping me. Nobody was listening to me,” Durden said, that is until she heard Trump speak for the first time.

Michelle Obama didn’t invent the English language! Trump spokeswoman FIRES BACK


‘Never Trump’ disrupts GOP convention floor, but check out how Trump supporters shut them down


‘Bikers for Trump’ are arriving in Cleveland, and they’re putting protesters on notice!

And now, they’re putting protesters on notice.

Newt Gingrich loses it on ‘childish’ GOP establishment losers Romney and Jeb Bush: ‘Get over it!’

“He comes along, ‘I’ve now changed, I’m now a real Republican,'” Gingrich said.

Hillary just told NAACP crowd that police have to ‘stop the killings of African-Americans’

Just a day after three police officers were targeted and killed by a Muslim black nationalist in Baton Rouge . . .

GOP convention crowd erupts into some awkward antics when Preibus mentions Mitch McConnell

What was that?

‘I never thought I’d vote Republican!’ Famous liberal’s sister reveals she’s all in for Trump

“I listened to everything he had to say. I understood it. I got it,”

British columnist goes ballistic with urgent call: Stop waiting to be slaughtered!

“Liberal lefties takes to the airways lecturing at us, not to react.”

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