Donald Trump inspired a beautiful moment that brought one delegate to tears on RNC floor

No one saw this coming.

Trump unloads on Ted Cruz, says even if he tries to endorse him now, he won’t accept

“Honestly, he should have done it…”

CNN probably regrets polling viewers after Trump’s RNC speech because, well… WOW

“Pack it up America, we had a good run.”

Philly police union openly shames Hillary for list of DNC speakers – and for GREAT reason

“Mrs. Clinton you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Trump uses RNC soundcheck to say what you’ll NEVER hear live at the convention

“It’s about time I said that.”

Michael Moore drops a Trump bombshell that has liberals losing their minds

“I’m sorry to be the buzzkill here.”

‘This isn’t about you!’ Woman lays into Cruz for refusing to endorse Trump & rallies Texas delegates

Well, this was a big backfire for Cruz.

Mainstream media tries to go after Donald Jr. for plagiarism, his speechwriter immediately shuts it down!

Ha. That was easy.

Trump breaks silence on Melania’s speech controversy, deals the media a massive blow

In true Trump fashion.

Tolerant liberals really lost it when Ben Carson used an ‘L-Word’ to describe Hillary

Dr. Ben Carson went for the jugular against Hillary Clinton last night at the Republican National Convention (RNC), but the mainstream media wasn’t having it. Carson mentioned […]

‘Brexit’ leader trashes Obama during RNC visit – thanks for helping us win

“Obama, came the United Kingdom during the Brexit debate and actually . . .”

Melania Trump’s speechwriter comes forward and tries to resign, but Trump has other plans for her

After days of mainstream media hysteria over alleged plagiarism accusations hurled at Melania Trump, a friend who helped write the speech as come forward with an open […]

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