Hillary campaign laughs off not having a presser in over 230 days, then has nerve to get defensive

Can you imagine the arrogance if she actually became president?

Trump powerfully responds to horrific San Diego cop slaying, while Hillary remains silent

The contrast is stunning.

‘I’m honored!’ Donald Trump Jr. schools Obama for repeating his line during speech

“Where’s the outrage?”

Oops! Hillary team uses weeping woman in ‘we made history’ tweet … but there’s one BIG problem

Guess they didn’t get the memo.

Obama mentions himself 119 times in DNC speech, but one guess how the media reacts

This is so over-the-top on both ends.

DNC backdrop looks shockingly like the last visual Hillary needs; an inconvenient coincidence?

No way!

C-SPAN gets trolled on air when a caller is asked about the Democratic convention

A miss for that phone screener.

‘Be quiet . . .’ – Trump derails NBC reporter trying to shill for Hillary during presser

“I know you want to save her.”

Trump expected to strip record number of votes from demographic Hillary thought she had tied up

GOP nominee Donald Trump might be cracking into one of Hillary Clinton’s once trusted demographics.

Trump looks directly into the camera, sends a message to Putin – and it’s cracking everyone up

During a press conference Wednesday, Trump spoke directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin

‘Delegates need to learn to pick up their trash!’ Photos of convention floor after the first day – gross!

“There are chicken nuggets on the floor!”

‘You’re a white male!’ Bernie supporters ‘privelege check’ each other outside DNC in hilarious fight

In a hilarious altercation between two Bernie social justice warriors . . .

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