‘Never Trump’ fails again; poll says Cruz and Kasich supporters pick Trump as second choice

The ‘Never Trump’ hashtag campaign perpetuated by Republican Party elites and top conservatives seems to be plummeting more than ever. Yet Sen. Ted Cruz continues to claim […]

Whoopi goes BANANAS when Trump bashes ‘The View’ in live-tweets

After Ben Carson’s heated interview with the women of “The View,” where he was repeatedly attacked for supporting Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner took to Twitter to […]

John Kerry’s State Dept. to spend millions of taxpayer money to create ‘television drama series’

Just when you thought federal government spending couldn’t get anymore frivolous, it proposes this idea. Under Secretary of State John Kerry, the State Department is looking to […]

Here’s how Belgian Muslim terrorists can still enter US legally even after Brussels attacks

The Islamic terror attacks in the Belgium capital of Brussels has rocked the world, but don’t expect the U.S. to be entirely out of harm’s way. Although […]

Released Gitmo prisoners have killed Americans, Defense Dept. confirms to lawmakers

Not only are released Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) detainees reverting back to their terrorist ways, but they’re also killing Americans in the process. Since being released from Gitmo, […]

‘I TOLD YOU SO!’ Trump’s sobering message on ISIS fighters infiltrating Europe

Following the Brussels Islamic terrorist attacks, GOP front-runner Donald Trump has helped catapult the issue of terrorism to the forefront of the election cycle. On Thursday, Trump […]

Social media debunks ‘religion of peace’ false narrative with controversial hashtag

Even after the Brussels terrorist attacks Tuesday, the mainstream media is barely mentioning Islamic extremism, Islamic jihad or even the mass Muslim immigration into Europe that is […]

New videos show horrific first look inside Brussels terror attack, panicked victims of explosions

Horrific new video footage is being released just hours after Brussels, Belgium, was hit with multiple deadly terrorist attacks. New video released via Twitter shows the scene from […]

NY Times/CBS poll reveals hashtag ‘Never Trump’ campaign is FAILING, Cruz now least liked

A fresh New York Times/CBS News national poll shows just how much the #NeverTrump campaign is failing. Although the mainstream media and anti-Donald Trump types within the GOP […]

Hillary leaves out two very important words from statement on Brussels terrorist attacks

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton responded to the Brussels terrorist attack Tuesday with a vague statement about defeating “radical jihadism around the world.” The only problem? Clinton fails to […]

Unbelievable! Trump predicted disaster in Brussels one month ago

GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been lambasted by the mainstream media for his plan to close immigration to Muslims temporarily while in the midst of a global […]

Wasserman Schultz says ‘no shred of evidence’ that she favors Hillary

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz says she’s not picking favorites in the Democratic presidential primary. Schultz said in an interview with Fox Business […]