Video: Brave vet confronts thugs stomping on Stars and Stripes: ‘I fought for that flag!’

Video of an aging man who confronted black youths stomping on an American flag during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, Monday is drawing an army of disgusted supporters […]

St. Louis County declares STATE OF EMERGENCY as protest arrests pile up

St. Louis County declared a state of emergency Monday as protests timed to the anniversary of the shooting death of a thug in Ferguson, Missouri, continued. With […]

Get set for a GUN RIGHTS fight! ‘Little House’ actress all grown up and running for Congress

She wants to go from the little house on the prairie to the House of Representatives in Washington – but won’t be taking any prairie common sense […]

Obama aide arrested for SHOOTING at boyfriend!

Demcrats hot on gun control for everyone else ought to look closer to home – like the White House. A White House special assistant to President Obama […]

‘Morning Joe’ reports fake ‘world news’ bashing Fox: ‘US media in total disarray’

Getting duped on national television is no way to start a week. But that’s what happened to the “Morning Joe” show Monday when its hosts, a guest […]

George W. lights up courthouse responding to jury summons; think Obama will do this?

Call him Citizen George. Former President George W. Bush proved Wednesday that even a guy who once enjoyed the trappings of the presidency must still fulfill the […]

Former intelligence officials DEMAND Hillary lose her security clearances

Intelligence officials who know the game think Hillary shouldn’t be a player anymore. In a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, a group of former intelligence […]

Obama has lost it! Says Iranians chanting ‘death to America’ share ‘common cause’ with GOP

Comparing American politicians to Muslim mobs screaming “death to America” is an insult like no other in American politics – and President Obama hurled it Wednesday right […]

County official WALKS OUT on Muslim invocation; ‘I said I would not listen’

A county commission chairman who’d vowed not to listen to a Muslim prayer kept his word this week when he stalked out of a meeting before it […]

Social media ERUPTS at McConnell’s no shutdown pledge; read Trump’s book, ‘moron’

Showing he’s got a lot to learn about “the art of the deal,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday cut off a Republican option of allowing […]

2 men sought after shots fired on soldiers at US Joint Forces military camp

Two men opened fire on soldiers in training at a sprawling military camp in Mississippi Tuesday, igniting a widespread search but causing no injuries. According to WDAM, […]

Holy Trump card! BRILLIANT plan involves Trump squashing Planned Parenthood

A conservative California attorney and retired Army colonel veteran who moonlights as an online columnist has posted an idea for Republican front-runner Donald Trump that could shake […]

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