‘You want a race war?’ News crew killer’s ‘manifesto’ describes how he went ‘BOOM!’

The gunman who killed two former colleagues on live television Wednesday was a gay black man fighting a race war of revenge. In a manifesto faxed to […]

‘Flip’ Obama calls his opponents ‘crazies,’ but social media flips it right back!

A second-term president spewing insults is an embarrassment to his country and his party, but the White House isn’t worried at all about fallout from President Obama […]

Poetic justice! Florida sheriff pens a mocking poem for fugitive who taunted his deputies

Talk about an epic fail! A Florida sheriff who’d had it with a 21-year-old armed burglary’s suspect’s Facebook posting taunting deputies for being unable to find him […]

Charlie Daniels’ scathing letter to Congress: GOP leaders should burn with shame

Country music legend Charlie Daniels has never made any secret of his contempt for politics as usual, but his open letter to Congress Tuesday made the point […]

Leaked emails show the heat on sponsor of Ramadan party on 9/11; ‘you’ll have to live with it’

A Ramadan “unity” dinner in Michigan that outraged Americans because it was set for Sept. 11 has been rescheduled, but the sponsors of the outrage can’t hide. […]

Howard Stern denies he called Trump to tip him off about Megyn Kelly interview

Radio shock jock Howard Stern threw cold water last week on a liberal magazine’s attempt to restoke the brief but high-profile feud between Fox News and Republican […]

Caught on video: Store owner turns the tables on armed robber, and the result is priceless

Two armed men who tried to rob a South Florida auto parts store got more than they bargained for when the owner wrestled the gun from one […]

‘Old Dixie Hwy’ suddenly ‘offensive’; proposed change to ‘Barack Obama Hwy’ sending Floridians over the edge!

UPDATE: The Riviera Beach City Council approved the name change Wednesday night by a 4-1 vote. To take effect, the name change must still be approved by […]

Heidi Klum still SMOKING HOT at Donald Trump; need proof?

Supermodel Heidi Klum wants the world to know she’s still smoking hot — and not just steamed at Donald Trump. And an Instagram video Klum posted this […]

Benghazi-related emails set off FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s server, Fox reports

The FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s personal email server was triggered by two emails related to the deadly attack in Benghazi in 2012, Fox News reported Wednesday. […]

Krauthammer sees Hillary’s ‘stonewall’ crumbling; laugh it up while you still can, honey

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer led the charge on “Special Edition” Tuesday night after Fox News’ Ed Henry got a chance to grill Hillary Clinton over her use […]

Rosie O’Donnell reports missing daughter to police; why isn’t everybody sympathetic?

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell asking for the public and police help to find her daughter. The 17-year-old Chelsea has been missing since leaving the family’s home in New […]

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