Hillary post demands rape victims have a ‘right to be believed’ — unless they’re accusing Bill?

Hillary Clinton set social media buzzing with rage Monday – and sneering with disbelieve — with a post that stated every woman who claims she’s been […]

Trump pays a call to ‘The View,’ won’t back down for Whoopi!

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump stuck to his guns during a phone-in interview to the ladies on “The View” Thursday, handling questions about illegal immigration, President Obama’s […]

‘Fox & Friends’ grills State Dept. spokesman on new ’email czar’ — who gives money to Hillary

The “e czar” picked to oversee the release of thousands of documents involving the Hillary Clinton e scandal is a Hillary supporter who’s already made the maximum […]

Nancy Pelosi vouches for Hillary’s integrity? Now, THIS is funny

A Nancy Pelosi interview with Bloomberg News last week gives a pretty good idea of why the California Democrat is no longer speaker of the House. She […]

Caught on video: She speeds through a school zone, then acts like this?

For a quick glimpse at the kind of headaches cops deal with every day, check out a dashcam video released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. […]

Crushed veteran cop issues dire warning after this year of anti-cop violence

A veteran cop with than a quarter-century in uniform is getting attention on social media after a posting where he described the toll the past […]

Andrea Mitchell admits she was afraid to ask Hillary everything she wanted to

Veteran newscaster Andrea Mitchell admitted on MSNBC on Tuesday that she crafted questions during her interview with Hillary Clinton partly out of fear the Democratic front-runner would […]

‘You are a STRONG people!’ Clerk sounds DEFIANT chord on release from jail over gay marriage

Declaring that she would “give God the glory,” the Kentucky county clerk jailed for six days for her opposition to gay marriage walked out a free woman […]

Civilians jump in to rescue deputy under attack: ‘That boy would have killed him’

Here’s one for the Black Lives Matter rabble to chew on, and the rest of America to cheer. A Florida sheriff’s deputy attacked by a driver during […]

Hillary wants a ‘commitment pledge’ just to hear her speak; social media mockery erupts

The Hillary Clinton campaign was in full holiday damage control mode on Monday after a reporter tweeted a photo of what appeared to be a pledge the […]

Forget Hillary, THIS is the Trump number to scare hell out of Democrats

The SurveyUSA poll that showed Donald Trump walloping Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup wasn’t even the worst news for the Democrats about a Trump candidacy. The […]

Boy poisoned by pesticides gets some big-time relief from the NFL

A South Florida boy sickened after his home was fumigated got a big surprise Sunday when some big-name Miami Dolphins players visited him in a Miami hospital. […]