‘Boycott’ ends: Here’s why Trump is returning to Fox’s ‘O’Reilly Factor’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will be working with Fox after all. Less than a week after publicly declaring he wouldn’t be “doing any Fox shows […]

‘Oops!’ Woman’s anti-Trump protest takes an embarrassing turn — at revolving doors

Flower power ain’t what it used to be. A woman trying to make a point by ivering an enormous bouquet of flowers to the Trump Tower in […]

Pope declares govt. employees have ‘human right’ to reject gay marriage licenses

The libs who claim to Pope Francis so much would to have him arrested for this. On the flight back to Rome after his trip […]

It’s on! Fox News fires back at Trump ‘boycott’; fans take sides

The low-intensity warfare between Donald Trump and Fox News blew into the open again on Wednesday when the network disputed the billionaire’s story about why will no […]

Coulter’s ‘immigrants – church – pedophiles’ crack draws hell of a Catholic response

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter has made no secret of her disdain for the pronouncements of Pope Francis on worldly matters like immigration and the environment. […]

Ann Coulter INFURIATES another entire religion: ‘This is why our founders distrusted Catholics’

Conservative bomb-thrower Ann Coultermanaged to offend another entire religion and kick up a social media twit-storm for this week’s visit of Pope Francis to the United States. […]

James Woods photo-slams Hillary: ‘You couldn’t stage a better visual metaphor if you tried’

Conservative actor James Woods gave the stumbling campaign of Hillary Clinton a push into oblivion with a social media photo slam that captures the situation perfectly. You […]

Rock legend Elton John punked on ‘Putin’ call; Vladimir isn’t interested in gay rights?

Much of the gay left was still swooning Wednesday over a supposed chat between rock legend Elton John and Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it turns out […]

Cops told ‘we don’t serve police officers’ – at a Whataburger!

What the … Whataburger? A north Texas franchise of the Southern fast-food chain Whataburger is the latest hot spot for restaurant employees with an anti-cop attitude — […]

Obama invites Muslim kid with fake ‘bomb’ to the White House hours after story goes viral

This is President Obama’s priority problem in a nutshell: The same man who could wait three days to issue a boilerplate statement about a police officer executed […]

‘JERK!’ Sitcom star, Buffalo Wild Wings ad man caught lying about surviving 9/11

The star of a sitcom based on football fantasy leagues turned out to be living his own sick fantasy by lying about surviving the World Trade Center […]

British actress REGRETS becoming a US citizen after GOP debate; insulted Americans say, ‘problem solved’

Maybe that “Young Victoria” role went to her head. The British-born actress Emily Blunt lived up to her name – and got bashed on social media — […]