mark pafford, WPB Democrat
Fla. House Dems quick to criticize GOP Medicaid plan

TALLAHASSEE – Florida House Democratic Leader Thurston Perry, D-Fort Lauderdale, on Thursday called a new plan by the House GOP leadership for health insurance for uninsured Floridians […]

Florida's Will Weatherford media
Fla. House leaders unveil plan to counter Obamacare expansion

TALLAHASSEE – Declaring “the ships have been burnt” on talk of Florida’s taking federal money in for Medicaid expansion, House Speaker Will Weatherford and state Rep. Richard […]

Bill Hager speaking
South Florida lawmakers see priorities advance in Tally

TALLAHASSEE — Two Palm Beach County Republicans had a pretty good Wednesday as their priority bills moved forward through the committee process in the state House of […]

Fla. Senate minority leader to Abruzzo: Don’t back down

TALLAHASSEE – Wellington Democratic state Sen. Joseph Abruzzo got some high-level help Tuesday when Minority Leader Chris Smith voiced public support for two Abruzzo-backed audits in Palm […]

Obama utterly shocked to discover waste in spending

Pravda-on-the-Potomac coverage of the Obama administration is nothing new but still continues to surprise, mostly with laugh-out-loud ineptitude. Today’s lead headline in USA Today is a perfect […]

man in trash can
New York Times: In case of mass shooting, throw a trash can

Last week, a Wall Street Journal article reported that states easing gun-control rules outnumber those enacting stricter regulations of Second Amendment rights by a 2-1 margin, contrary […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Wasserman Schultz: Clock is ticking on anti-gun crowd

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has sent out a mass email asking supporters to add their names to a petition for Congress to tighten gun-control laws in […]

gambling Granny at internet cafe
Thrasher trumps critics of Internet cafe ban

TALLAHASSEE — Internet cafes are closer to going bust in the Sunshine State. The Florida Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a bill to ban Internet cafes after […]

Abruzzo featured
Delray mayor attacks Abruzzo, Clemens over CRA audit

TALLAHASSEE  — A planned state audit of the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency has become a war of words between the mayor and a state senator from […]

old man worried about money, pensions
Pension politics: If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

House Speaker Will Weatherford’s top  priority of drastically overhauling the state employee-pension system is far less of a sure thing. While Weatheford’s bill passed the House on […]

granny crazy with cigar
Fla. Internet cafe ban sure thing, but don’t mess with Granny

The Florida Legislature might be ready to shut down Internet cafes, but are senior arcades gone, too? Don’t bet on it, said state Sen. Joseph Abruzzo. In […]

atlantic avenue east, Delray CRA
State to audit Delray Beach CRA

TALLAHASSEE – The state auditor general’s office will look into spending by the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency after a unanimous vote Monday by the Joint Legislative […]