mad steaming
Tea Party Network steaming over ‘anti-Sharia law’ snub in Florida Senate

The Tea Party Network is boiling mad – and some top Florida senators might be hearing about it. In an “action alert” sent Sunday, the Tea Party […]

complicated business man shrug
Boston bomber’s politics too ‘complicated’ for New York Times

The spin started even before the last bodies were cold, as the professional liars of American journalism tried to fog up the ideology of the men behind […]

Traditional alimony may be finished in Florida

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is reviewing a bill that would end permanent alimony in Florida after a two-year effort paid off when the House voted the measure through by more […]

CAIR: ‘We still don’t know their motivation’

The death of one Muslim immigrant from Chechnya suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings and the manhunt for another in a Boston suburb made for a bad […]

Gov. Rick Scott
Gov. applauds Fla. House for passing bill against foreign laws

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill aimed at keeping foreign laws out of Florida family law courts. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. […]

sharia law
Fla. Dems continue to question need for anti-Sharia law bill

TALLAHASSEE — A bill to keep foreign laws out of Florida courtrooms advanced in the Florida House Wednesday after a series of Democrats questioned whether it is […]

teacher with gun
Fla. law to arm teachers advances despite Democrats’ objections

Armed teachers could be on their way to Florida school campuses. A bill to allow school principals  to designate school employees to carry concealed weapons for security […]

Field of Dreams
Florida’s visionary state insurance plan: ‘If we build this, they will come’

Florida  House  Republican efforts to avoid entangling the state in Obamacare Medicaid expansion are moving ahead, after getting a go-ahead Monday from a committee overseeing federal health […]

NRA hat
Senator slips up: ‘You’re not going to disenfranchise the NRA overnight’

It’s not often that the confiscation crowd is nakedly honest, but when  they think they’re just preaching to the choir, they might forget the heathens are listening, […]

Fla. House Speaker Weatherford stands tall against Obamacare

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida House on Friday passed its version of the state budget for next year, setting the stage for wrangling with the Senate – and […]

Jack Nicklaus
Golden Bear pays a surprise visit to the Florida House

Budget, what budget? Minutes after passing a $74 billion state spending plan – one that needs to be negotiated with the Senate before it becomes reality anyway […]

Jackie Robinson
NY Times on Jackie Robinson: Why did he have to be a Republican?

Legendary Pictures biopic of Jackie Robinson – “42” opens in theaters today – but the New York Times already tells you everything you think it needs to […]