foxx bike
Obama uses Transportation Department pick to push affirmative action

A federal Cabinet department with 55,000 employees, a budget of more than  $72 billion and responsibility for the nation’s road, rail and air travel will be taken […]

president kid
Obama dithering on Syria keeps press minions in knots

It can’t be easy trying to spin a White House stance when you can’t even explain it. Sometimes, you have to twist your words. Sometimes you have […]

ex-wives club
Ex-wives demand Scott veto bill ending permanent alimony in Fla.

The First Wives Club wasn’t happy. Up to 20 women, men and a couple of children – accompanied by the media  — filled the reception area of […]

gop tea bag
Fla. House Obamacare war: ‘The tea bags have dropped, the party’s over’

Florida’s spot as a key front in the Obamacare wars will continue today in the state House of Representatives. The state House of Representatives today takes up […]

political date
Love at first vote: ‘Politicalmate’ dating service launches

Politics doesn’t have to make for strange bedfellows. At least not all the time. That’s the idea behind, a dating website that offers a chance to […]

Black Drone
Pre-emptive strike: Fla. governor signs law banning drone surveillance

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed a bill banning police forces from using automated eyes in the skies to gather evidence without a judge’s OK. State […]

bush women
Barbara Bush doesn’t want Jeb to run: ‘We’ve had enough Bushes’

How refreshing is this? The matriarch of one of America’s premier political families’ gets asked point-blank if her son should run for president, and she shoots idea […]

Eye-opening events in Boston caused shift in gun control support

A poll by USA Today published Tuesday shows support for the most recent attacks on the Second Amendment is gradually slipping – something the paper blames on […]

Common Core opponents trying to turn up heat on Scott in Florida

Tea Party activists and other opponents of Common Core education standards fanned out in the Florida Capitol on Tuesday to buttonhole lawmakers, aides and all who would […]

swat team search in Boston
Eyewitness video of Boston home search: Greater good or Gestapo tactics?

Conservative websites and commentary are lit up over a video of a task force SWAT team of Massachusetts police agencies conducting house-to-house searches for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Wasserman Schultz uses tragedy to beef up Dem email list

It seemed too good to be true. An email Monday from Florida Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz departed from the usual “Republicans-are-evil-so-give-me-money” line […]

AIF Gov Scott ed bill
Fla. Chamber, AIF turn out as Gov. Scott signs education bill

Flanked by lawmakers from parties, the House and Senate leadership and top executives of Florida’s top business groups, Gov. Rick Scott on Monday signed a bill aimed […]