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Obamacare Debacle – Perhaps We Could Learn From Europe's Mistake?

Some politicians have a knack for saying things at the worst possible time. Poor Harry Reid can’t seem to do much right these days. He announces to a group of liberals that “We will have the public option” even though they didn’t quite get it this time around.

Then, in ironic timing even Hollywood couldn’t script, our allies across the pond announce that they are moving the opposite direction and decentralizing their health care system.

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DNC Connections with Opposition to Amendment 9 Healthcare Freedom

UPDATE, 7/1, 7:30am: If the DNC connections weren’t enough, how about a George Soros connection? See Louisa McQueeney below.

A lawsuit was filed against the Amendment 9 Healthcare Freedom Act, with the pretense of protecting Floridians from language that will “mislead the public”.

So who filed the suit? Who are these Samaritans, loing out for Floridians? In short, the group bringing the lawsuit includes a Democrat-friendly lawyer hired to help throw out military absentee ballots in the 2000 election, a doctor that stood behind President Obama in a Healthcare press conference who holds a regional leadership position in Obama’s organizational structure, a liberal who was also an officer in the Palm Beach County, FL Democratic Party and a volunteer who advocates for universal, single-payer health care.

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Fair Tax Factor & Karen Diebel

UPDATE: 6/21, 8:30pm- Just got word from Craig Miller’s campaign that he, too, supports the Fair Tax, as well as some intermediate measures. I will re-post later […]

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Jesse Phillips: Why I'm Supporting Bruce O'Donoghue

By Jesse Phillips The choice in November is going to be clear. If I lived in District 8 I would examine the Grayson versus Non-Grayson portion of […]

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OIL 2010 – Democrat campaign slogans

I’ve been working on a few graphics for Obama’s and the Democrats November campaign. I need your help on coming up with some slogans. Post a comment […]

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Ultrasound bill sits on Crist's desk

According to John Stemberger and the Florida Family Policy Council, the fate of HB1143, popularly known as the Ultrasound Bill, rests in the hands of Governor Crist. […]

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Jobs Score Card: Private Sector 41,000 Government 411,000

These days government job growth is eerily similar to my golf game. Both are way too high and are not showing any signs of decreasing in the […]

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Grayson, Greer & Co – Culture of Corruption and November 2010

The elections in November are going to be about a lot of different things. It’s going to be a referendum on big government spending, socialized health care, […]

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Citizen2Citizen partners with Liberty 4 Florida to fight Obamacare

I am happy to announce that the Florida Health Care Freedom Act, which recently passed the Florida legislature, will be placed on the November ballot as Amendment […]

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Rand Paul & Jack Bauer: Striking fear in President's Hearts

By Jesse Phillips If you’re a 24 fan, you have to admit that Monday’s episode was one of the best. Jack Bauer kidnapped former President Logan. As […]

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John Stemberger forms Florida Family Action PAC


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Say It With Me: "Chris Christie for President!"

By Jesse Phillips It’s refreshing to hear a politician put a reporter in his place. Let me be perfectly clear, so you don’t misunderstand: I think it’s […]