Mark Levin Show
Mark Levin’s scorching comeback to Obama’s no football for ‘pretend son’ comment

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin had quite the response to the sports-obsessed President Obama‘s recent comment that he wouldn’t let his son play pro football: “Well, […]

Kevin de Leon
Anti-gun lawmaker is laughing stock after ignorant claim ’30-magazine clip’ fires in ‘half a second’

After the initial reaction of “what in the hell is he talking about,” conservative media began having a field day pointing out the glaring ignorance of one […]

Pepsi surprises US Navy vet in awesome ‘Get Hyped for Halftime’ ad

As part of its “Get Hyped for Halftime” campaign, Pepsi is producing all kinds of awesome promotions getting fans geared up for the halftime show at this […]

Van Susteren Jennifer Griffin
Greta Van Susteren recounts administration’s shocking attempt to persuade her to kill Benghazi coverage

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren shared a very personal and very disturbing story about the extent to which the Obama administration attempted to shut down Fox News […]

Pres Obama football
Sports-obsessed Obama: ‘I would not let my son play pro football’

We all know that if sports-obsessed President Obama had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin, but we now know that said son would not be […]

Serious new terror threat against Olympics means fear for Americans’ safety

The new terror threat that emerged over the weekend against the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi has prompted one U.S. lawmaker to warn Americans to stay home. […]

Rice 5 Shows
Chris Matthews: The right owes Susan Rice an apology for Benghazi

It will be a cold day in hell before “somebody out there on the right” apologizes to National Security Advisor Susan Rice for the false and misleading […]

Conservatives say ‘no thanks’ to ABC News’ suggested ways to celebrate Michelle’s 50th

It’s entirely possible you had more important things to attend to Friday, like watching paint dry – blindfolded, but it was the first lady’s 50th birthday and […]

Ohio early voting
Judicial Watch, True the Vote announce ‘historic’ victory in voter fraud fight

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch and voter fraud watchdog group True the Vote announced Friday they have reached an “historic settlement” in their lawsuit against election officials […]

Adorable Husky puppy ‘verbally’ refuses to go in his kennel

Blaze, a gorgeous, 11-month old Husky from New Hampshire, may love his kennel, but on this day he wanted no parts of going in it. And he […]

Florida Five: Sink stays afloat with out-of-district cash, Florida Blue glitch, Scott hits Miami

TGIF! Have a look at Friday’s Florida Five picks of the top political stories from around the state: Out-of-district cash keeps Sink afloat: In a toss up […]

House Speaker’s outstanding response to Obama’s vow to use ‘every executive action available’

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner had four little, but powerful, words to respond to President Obama’s recent vow to “use every executive action available to him” – […]

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