BizPac Review
Children humiliated; school lunches taken away, thrown in trash over unpaid lunch bills

“Insane” is one way to describe what happened at a Salt Lake City elementary school Tuesday when lunch was literally taken out of the hands of a […]

Black students ask University to stop using racial descriptions in crime alerts

Black students and staff at the University of Minnesota have joined forces to ask that campus police discontinue using racial descriptions in school-wide crime alerts saying racial […]

glass pipe
Activists moving against city to distribute free crack pipes to addicts

Even though city officials said “absolutely no,” activists with a drug user advocacy group are moving forward with a plan to distribute clean – and free – […]

mike lee
Mike Lee delivers official tea party response: A call to reform ‘government-driven inequality’

Utah Senator Mike Lee delivered the tea party’s official response to Tuesday’s State of the Union address detailing the problems with “government-driven inequality.” “The founders made a […]

Rand Paul
Rand Paul’s response to Obama’s State of the Union address

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul delivered a personal rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday evening, mainly addressing the economy, unemployment and government spending. Opening […]

Hillary Clinton
CNN’s embarrassing apology for botched edit: Hillary not really laughing about Benghazi

Guaranteed the person at CNN responsible for the botched video edit showing a cackling Hillary Clinton moments after saying her “biggest regret” was the terror attack in Benghazi […]

Valerie Jarrett
Valerie Jarrett: You, the American people, ‘are hungry’ for Obama’s executive actions

Did you know that, according to President Obama’s best friend and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, you, the American people, are “hungry” for more executive action and executive […]

‘Face the Nation’ exposed for editing out critical parts of Ted Cruz interview

NewsBusters caught the most recent glaring example of mainstream media liberal bias with a report on the heavily edited version of Sen. Ted Cruz’s interview Sunday on […]

rand paul
Rand Paul: Dems have gall to talk war on women after Bill Clinton’s ‘predatory behavior’

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul went off on former President Bill Clinton’s “predatory behavior” with former intern Monica Lewinsky with a reminder that it’s hard to separate Hillary […]

grammys wedding
Grammys got ‘in your face’ political with on-air ‘mass wedding’ ceremony

It’s possible people stopped watching award ceremonies, like the Grammys, to save themselves from being subjected to the rabid leftist political thoughts and opinions of those in […]

Dinesh D'Souza
Powerful trailer for new film ‘America,’ Dinesh D’Souza’s follow up to ‘Obama’s America’

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza is moving ahead with the scheduled July 4 release of his new documentary “America,” although he is facing charges for campaign […]

Apple "1984"
‘Best Super Bowl ad of all time’ celebrates 30-year anniversary

As the nation gears up for the onslaught of new Super Bowl commercials, it’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years since one of the best of […]

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