One Sochi restaurant refuses to serve US spies

As if every agent with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Central Intelligence Agency would actually identify himself or herself as such while patrolling in […]

coke ad
Coke updates ‘It’s Beautiful’ ad in attempt to address controversy

Coca-Cola updated its controversial 60-second, “It’s Beautiful,” Super Bowl ad with a new 90-second version broadcast during the Friday opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. In […]

fried chicken Yelp
‘Racially insensitive’ lunch menu lands all-girls’ Catholic school in media spotlight

The “racially insensitive” lunch menu chosen to celebrate Black History Month that landed a private all-girls, Catholic high school in the national media spotlight has prompted upcoming […]

obama selfie
New report reveals $19M spent to send Obama to Mandela’s funeral

A new report from The Weekly Standard revealed that it cost a whopping $19 million to send President Obama over to Africa in December to whoop it […]

Florida Five: ‘Quid pro quo’ allegations taking toll on Crist, AFP ads hit Dems on Obamacare

Take a look at the day’s top political stories in Friday’s Florida Five: AFP’s new ads target congressional Dems: Americans for Prosperity continued its campaign of standing up against Obamacare with […]

Horrifying, hilarious images of conditions in Sochi shared by journalists

The Sochi side story of journalists live tweeting their horrifying experiences in and around the Olympic city has become like a train wreck you can’t help but […]

pulled over
Federal judge rules flashing headlights to warn of police is protected by free speech

Hey flashers, you are now protected under the First Amendment right to free speech to give the universal sign to fellow drivers that cops are nearby running […]

ethan couch victims
Outrage: Judge gives no jail time to teen in ‘affluenza’ DUI case

Wednesday brought more heartbreak for the families of the four victims killed by reckless teenage drunk driver Ethan Couch as the Texas judge who bought into the […]

Parents say school pizza party rewarding straight-A students makes others ‘feel bad’

In today’s politically correct America that gives every kid an award or medal simply for participating in a sport or activity, one Maryland middle school broke out […]

Justice Scalia on wartime internment camps: You’re ‘kidding yourself’ if you think it wont happen again

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia warned law students Monday evening that the high court could again authorize wartime internment camps like those seen in the U.S. […]

Laughing stock: Israeli settlers publish spoof mocking John Kerry’s peace deal incompetence

Following days of harsh criticism from top Israeli officials over Sec. of State John Kerry’s recent comments during the Middle East peace talks that prompted National Security […]

Mark Dice
Brain-dead on campus: Students sign petition to ‘execute’ gun owners

Weep for the future of the nation and the world. Weep for the masses of sheeple who will sign their names to anything, absolutely anything, including “terminating […]

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