ted cruz
Sen. Cruz to ‘establishment’ GOP after debt ceiling vote: ‘Come November, the people remember’

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz had a strong message to “establishment” leaders in both parties after Wednesday’s Senate vote on the debt ceiling saw 12 Republican senators break […]

jon stewart
Jon Stewart rips Obama’s ambassador picks: Have any of you people been to EPCOT Center. . . anywhere?

Jon Stewart delivered a comedic rant Wednesday night bashing Nancy Pelosi and Democrats for calling Republicans corrupt after the country just witnessed the embarrassing testimony of President […]

eric holder
Governors respond to Eric Holder’s call to repeal felon-voting ban laws

Eric Holder, President Obama’s mouthpiece for civil rights in the criminal justice system, has become the first attorney general to call for a repeal of state laws […]

Obama WH state dinner
New bill would require WH dinners to follow same as school lunch guidelines

One Illinois Republican lawmaker has asked the White House and the Obama’s to stop being “hypocrites” and practice what they preach about nutrition. Tuesday night’s glutton-fest of […]

Shirley temple
Mind-boggling hatred spews over ‘racist’ Republican Shirley Temple

In a world that has since brought us child stars like Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and the hopeless Honey Boo Boo, Shirley Temple Black represented […]

NC Choose life plate
Federal appeals court rules state’s ‘Choose Life’ license plate unconstitutional

A federal court of appeals ruled Tuesday that North Carolina’s “Choose Life” license plate is unconstitutional because there is no alternative pro-choice option available. The U.S. Court […]

Emotional scene as judge sentences Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murderer

The family of murdered U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry said Monday they aren’t “celebrating” the 30-year sentence handed down to the Mexican man responsible for Terry’s death, […]

GOP lawmakers react swiftly to unfair Obamacare delay for businesses, but not individuals

Republican lawmakers immediately reacted to the unfairness of Monday’s announcement that the Obama administration will delay the Obamacare mandate for medium-sized employers while millions of struggling Americans […]

Krauthammer blasts new Obamacare delay: ‘This is stuff you do in a banana republic’

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer blasted President Obama after Monday’s announcement that the Obamacare employer mandate will yet again be delayed – now until 2016. The administration’s […]

Iran publicly airs simulated bombings of USS Abraham Lincoln, US military targets

Though President Obama continues to play nice with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran continues to escalate anti-American propaganda all while provoking us by sending warships to […]

CIA museum
Fox goes inside the super secret ‘best museum you’ve never seen’

Espionage buffs, rejoice! On Sunday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace took viewers “inside the best museum you’ve never seen” – the super secret CIA Museum. Led by Toni […]

bill and hillary
Hillary Clinton’s ‘closest friend’ sheds light on her ruthless side in newly published papers

The private collection of papers and documents from one of Hillary Clinton’s closest friends revealing a “ruthless” and politically savvy former first lady were published and reported […]