Michelle O and Jimmy Fallon
“Ew!” Unladylike Michelle Obama freaks us out again dancing with Jimmy Fallon

“Ew!” Michelle Obama did it again, dancing and acting so un-first lady-like on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” Thursday night. “Ew” is the only way to describe Obama’s […]

Brain-dead on campus: Students can’t name any of the Bill of Rights

For once, political prankster Mark Dice wasn’t laughing out loud at the seemingly brain-dead college students who will lead this world one day. Instead, he chastised and […]

National archives
Watch: Bret Baier goes inside for a look at the National Archives

The well-organized traveler heading to our nation’s capital would know to purchase tickets in advance to tour the National Archives Museum. For the rest of us, it’s […]

Bondi Scott
Florida Five: Scott pledges funding for transportation projects, Bondi dusts competitors in fundraising

Take a look at the day’s top political stories in Tuesday’s Florida Five: Scott pledges funding for major transportation projects: Gov. Rick Scott on Monday announced plans for almost $350 […]

Florida Five: ‘Loud music’ verdict brings call to change ‘stand your ground’; Sink refuses national debate

For the day’s top political stories in the Sunshine State, start with the Florida Five: “Loud music” verdict sparks calls to change Fla self-defense law: Critics of […]

Real congressmen impersonate ‘House of Cards’ famous character

NowThis News got fans of the award-winning Netflix original series, “House of Cards,” ready for the new season Friday by finding real-life politicians to pretend to be […]

Nancy Pelosi offers ‘stellar’ liberal marriage advice: Don’t do it!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi offered marriage advice to single women this past Valentine’s Day: “Why would you get married? Why would anybody?” NowThis News published the […]

Judge Wright-Allen
Federal judge confuses America’s founding documents in gay-marriage ruling

It’s a mistake any middle school civics teacher would fail you for – confusing the U.S. Constitution with the Declaration of Independence. But when you are a […]

US Army builds 300-acre eerily fake American city to train soldiers

The U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group recently opened its Asymmetric Warfare Training Center in Virginia, which is a very technical way of saying it has built a […]

WH Valentine message not going over so well: ‘Please shut up. Please’

The White House’s Valentine’s Day Twitter message is going over about as well as Obamacare has – it’s not. The WH tweeted its #GetCovered message on Thursday […]

deblasio roker
Al Roker defends harsh criticism of NYC mayor for not closing schools, but sorry for ‘one-term’ prediction

While winter hell unleashed its fury on New York City Thursday, NBC weatherman Al Roker unleashed his fury on Mayor Bill de Blasio for not closing schools. […]

Florida Five: Bill to end state textbook selection, Poll battle in special election, GOP field grows in CD-19

Take a look at the day’s top political stories in Friday’s Florida Five: Poll battle – David Jolly leading in St. Pete Polls: While a new poll conducted […]