Petraeus scandal’s socialite to be stripped of honorary title

South Korea is set to strip Tampa socialite Jill Kelley of her meaningless title of “honorary consul” for reportedly using the title inappropriately for “personal gain.” Kelley, […]

Could Republicans compromise on compromise?

Wouldn’t it be nice for Republicans to turn the tables on President Obama and Democrats; to stand back, give them all they want in raising taxes, continued […]

Susan Rice’s dismal performance as a top US diplomat

Many of us had not heard much about United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice before she went on the Sunday talk show circuit and insisted the Benghazi attack […]

China’s surprising new naval capabilities

Congratulations are most definitely NOT in order. While the U.S. prepares for across-the-board military cuts, China spent a billion dollars on their military in 2012. Now, officials […]

Conservative group releases list of ‘Naughty and Nice’ retailers

The conservative non-profit group, Liberty Counsel, has launched its 10th annual “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign,” along with releasing their “Naughty and Nice” list of retailers who […]

Study finds political beliefs shaped by early childhood parenting

My oldest two girls were of voting age this past election, and I had been preparing them for this day their whole lives. It was easy when […]

Yasser Arafat’s body to be examined by experts for poison

Former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s body will be exhumed Tuesday in a continuing effort to discover if he was, in fact, poisoned as many Palestinians, including his […]

Help Wanted: Codebreakers needed to crack WWII secret pigeon code

Calling all “Da Vinci Code” fans, dabbling cryptanalysts and smart kids at MIT: Britain’s super-secret spy agencies have admitted they are stumped by a coded message from […]

Fed-up Bangor co-anchors quit on air

In a move that shocked not only viewers, but their colleagues as well, popular co-anchors of Bangor, Maine’s ABC affiliate, WVII, jointly resigned, on-air, at the end […]

Video: Ambassador Rice calls out her critics

While most Americans were preparing Wednesday evening to travel, cook, and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, not watching the news, United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice spoke, for the […]

Thanksgiving at the White House

Even when not a fan of the current resident, I always get a kick out of the yearly Thanksgiving menu from the White House. The Obama’s traditionally […]

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Nudists strip in City Hall to protest San Fran nudity ban

San Francisco’s city supervisors passed an ordinance on Tuesday banning “genital exposure on all city sidewalks, plazas, parklets, streets and public transit” reported the San Francisco Chronicle. Would […]