Lion Train
Lion suddenly turns on trainer during shocking circus performance nightmare

A frightening video of a lion attacking its trainer during a circus performance in Egypt is quickly making its way around the Internet. Faten El-Helw walked away […]

You won’t believe he survived

A biker making a video of his brother’s ride caught a moment he never expected when an accident sent his brother into the air and crashing onto […]

Some groupies chase stars they never even heard of

Nothing gets a woman’s attention like being rich, famous, and desirable to other women. What a neat social experiment. Props to whoever came up with this.

talented dog
Here’s one dog who’s having a ball!

How is this possible? This dog‘s got better balancing skills better than most humans!

How to make fun of WiFi gym rats

This one is for all those people at the gym that have no right to be there. All the lifters out there can relate to this epidemic […]

‘Lost Dog’: 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl ad . . . puppy touches hearts again!

Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial has been leaked early, of course, and it’s ‘pawesome’.

Brady Bunch Marcia
Snickers puts hilarious twist on classic Brady Bunch episode for Super Bowl ad

Who doesn’t the Brady Bunch? And who doesn’t remember the episode when Marcia got hit in her nose with a football? Snickers gets kudos from me […]

‘You’re stoned!’ Facial contortionist and host Nancy Grace flips out over a pot cookie

The obnoxious, facial contortionist windbag dearly d, well respected ‘Nancy Grace‘ only gets this upset if the day ends in Y. Pot activist Norm Kent told Grace […]