‘Thundersnow’ sends weatherman waaaay over the top

This is one weatherman who s his job maybe a little too much. The excitement is just exploding out of Jim Cantore, a meteorologist on the Weather […]

Nobody robs Thor’s owner — not when Thor’s around to stop it

Who needs a surveillance system when you have a dog like this? Thor, a pit bull-boxer , was on hand to protect his owner from a gas […]

Fearless man laughs while giant snakes attack him!

It’s amazing how someone could stay calm while a giant white python is attacking them. I can tell this man has a passion for snakes because I […]

‘Space Jam!’ You’ve never seen a slam dunk quite like this one

Zach LaVine scored a perfect 50 during the 2015 Sprite Slam-Dunk Contest at the Barclays Center in Brolyn. He calls it the Space Jam. Now LaVine isn’t […]

Watch a champion pole vaulter nail the takeoff — like you’re with her!

Allison Stke is a professional pole vaulter with an incredibly athletic physique. It’s no surprise considering how high she can spring into the air. Seriously, it’s not […]

This is one spiteful cat!

There’s no doubt that this mischievous fe needs an attitude adjustment.

Jimmy Fallon hearts
Reasons for being single with Jimmy Fallon – for all the single peeps on V-Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Jimmy Fallon asked his fans to why they are single this Valentine’s Day and he got some pretty funny answers. Can you […]

Dumb selfie award! School bus driver thought this was a good idea?

Is there a dumb selfie award? A school bus driver in Cincinnati Ohio was suspended afterposting this photo of herself with a beer bottleto social media. According […]

Bet you didn’t know THIS could peel a boiled egg

Check out this neat trick to peeling a hard-boiled egg that saves a lot of frustration in the kitchen. Just fill a glass with about 3 inches […]

YouTube celebrities can’t always handle the price of fame

What happens when you sit 13 famous YouTube stars down and show them a mockery of themselves? Some to the comedy lightly while others got upset. But […]

will and jimmy
Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon rap it out on ‘The Tonight Show’

Screen star Will Smith made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, and the two teamed up to re-create the ’80s hit “It […]

Ever see a cockroach get drunk?

Oh yeah, it’s all fun and games until the roach gets wasted and falls in your glass.