Miss Iris is one fussy parrot — but she’s a clean one!

Check out this adorable parrot washing herself in the kitchen sink. She has a human to adjust the water — but she’ll do it herself, too.

Video: Drone rescue missions have never been this fun

Things go awry when an RC helicopter gets stuck on someone else’s roof. Luckily, the crew had an expensive quad-copter on hand to save the day. Sooner […]

Video: ‘Gotcha the Cockatoo’ will definitely get you grinning

Oh my, it’s like having a toddler in the house! Take a second and check this out.

Seven ways to cure a hangover (and the last one is guaranteed!)

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Happy hour gets pretty unhappy for a guy who shoves women

He got what he deserved, and then some. This is why you should never hit a woman; they might hit back harder.

A mean fish with a mean bite — this is something to see!

This extremely unhappy fish appears to be a Lagocephalous, one of the toughest fish in the sea. The chompers on this little guy can surely take a […]

Think an octopus can’t get you on the ground? Watch

Whoever knew an octopus was dangerous on the ground? This crab found it out the hard way in a video taken in Yallingup, Western Australia.

This is one pickpocket no one would suspect

This is a lesson for the unwary. It’s hard to think an elderly-loing lady could do such a thing. Thankfully, she was caught on camera because, nobody […]

Adorable! 3-year-old recites entire Taekwondo creed like a champ

Sophie Wong is 3 years old and already knows what Taekwondo is all about. She’s not only an adorable little girl but also dedicated pupil at the […]

How to make an Oscar winning film parody: ‘American gay racist’

Oscar winning flicks aren’t always the best. Sometimes it’s the same old song and dance when it comes to academy awards winning films, which is why thisparody […]

How much trouble can one little tyke get into?

Enjoy watching this adorable child causing mischief when mommyturns her back. Toddlers can be devilish at this age and if you don’t remember what mom had to […]

Women’s golf team performs hot tricks

Check out some talented golf tricks done by the San Diego statewomen’s golf team. These girls are bringing golf back in style with a creative bag of […]