Crazy biker speeding away from cops takes mall shoppers by storm

Why spend money to watch an action movie when you can just watch police chases like this one? Watching a man drive through a busy shopping area […]

Nothing gets by when Purin the Beagle guards the goal

Purin is much than your average Beagle. She has goalie skills that makes you wonder if she was trained by Tim Howard. She has some serious […]

Built for speed: Dachsund does hockey in the northern snow

On a snowy winter day, there’s nothing better to do than play ice hockey with the pets. It sure beats boring old “fetch.” Watching this cuddly video […]

Listen close: This 7-week-old baby just might have said ‘hello’

Wow, most babies don’t speak until they’re at least 10 months old. This little toddler should be in the Guinness Bo of world records. Is it really […]

Video of Boston bomber carjackers’ frantic victim; cowers in gas station, begs clerk to call 911

Dun Meng, a Chinese engineering student at Northeastern University, was carjacked by the Boston Marathon bombers on April 19. Last Thursday at the surviving bomber’s trial, Meng […]

Traffic reporter didn’t see most important accident coming – until it was too late

CBS4 News’ traffic reporter Katie So was paying attention to the roadswhen something trippy happened. I think So deserves kudos for how well she played off the […]

A ‘touching’ ad by Samgsung gets the message across — with a smile guaranteed

A man by the name of Muharrem is hearing-impaired, so a few staged encounters set up by Samsung really brightened up his day. Muharrem is surprised to […]

A roller coaster named ‘Fury?’ Watch and see why

A monster of a roller coaster is being built at Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte, N.C. — and it’s not for the faint of heart. Carowinds has […]

Move over, Morrison: This door REALLY blows people’s minds

Is it a portal to another dimension? Or just a cheap magic trick for strangers in a park? The whole “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” lo on the bystanders’ faces is […]

A devoted, lonely widower gets a song in his heart from the kindness of strangers

Two city workers have been giving their time this winter for a lonely widower, in an act of kindness warm enough to melt Wisconsin snow. According to […]

Freaky: Tijuana – San Diego border fence is most expensive volleyball net in history

On the border of Tijuana and San Diego, beach-goers have turned the unsecured fence into the most expensive volleyball net in history, according to this video footage. […]

Crazy game takes Hungry Hippos to the next level — with humans on a roll

The famous ’90s board game “Hungry Hungry Hippos” has been brought to life — literally. There are a few things different about the renovated version of the […]

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