Obama on guns
Shameful day for President Obama

A snarky President Obama, railing against the Senate defeat of his gun control agenda on April 17, said it was a “pretty shameful day in Washington.” On […]

New tax code would give Americans vested interest

The tax filing dead earlier this week makes this an opportune time to discuss taxation in America. Aprogressive shibboleth is thatsome Americans don’tpay their fair of […]

US Poverty
Poverty in America: Myth and reality

Official statistics fromthe U.S. government andinternational organizations showthe United States has the highest rate of child poverty ofany developed country, people in poverty than Indonesia and […]

Liberals prefer life in a plastic bubble

Liberalism has much in common with the 1976 movie, “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.” The movie’s hero, Tod Lubitch, was born with an improperly functioning immune […]

Lemonade Stand
Liberals lie about being liberal

Having previously defined liberalism as a lie based on obvious contradictions and disdain for facts; let’s get specific. Liberals can’t be honest about their beliefs and must […]

Stranger in a Strange Land
Liberalism has been mugged by reality

This is the first of a three-part series thatexamines and definesmodern liberalism. We mustn’t however allow ourselves to become confused by political labels such asconservative, fascist, communist, […]

Grievous events will determine the next president

The past several U.S. presidential elections have been decidedbased on the usual political calculus, i.e. candidates, demographics, voter turnout, money, debates andissues along with the economy and […]

Obama’s America: Youth, middle class living lives of quiet desperation

You could see it in their faces; the lo was unmistakable. I noticed it throughout our trip but it wasconfirmed by Mario on our final day in […]