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Liberal Ninth Circuit Court rejects decades of precedent to undermine free speech

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday refused to consider a decision that allows school officials to censor the free and peaceful expression of students out of […]

Is the White House Constitution Day message downright offensive?

President Barack Obama celebrated America’s 10th observance of Constitution Day by tweeting a picture of himself giving a speech at the National Archives building. The irony was […]

West Virginia Democrat field organizer plays terrorist in spare time?

A field organizer for the West Virginia Democratic Party and staff member for Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va, recently posted pictures to his Facebook page that aren’t likely […]

Kids’ moving video to 9-year old who accidentally shot their dad: ‘We want to hug you, tell you it’s okay’

The four children of Charlie Vacca, the gun instructor who was killed at an Arizona gun range last month when a nine-year-old student lost control of an […]

Islamic leaders: Don’t increase terror threat level, it will victimize Muslims!

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott raised his nation’s terror threat level from medium to high Friday, and Australia’s Muslims aren’t happy about it. The heightened level puts […]

Poor taste? Texas gun shop owner defends latest anti-Obama sign

Did the Texas gun shop, famous for anti-Obama signs, cross the line with latest? Jeremy Alcede of Katy, Texas’ Tactical Firearms has found a way to advertise […]

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