Precocious 3-year-old girl hated to see Santa eating breakfast alone

With Thanksgiving still weeks away, many Americans may not be ready for Christmas. Three-year-old Gracie Lynn would be an exception. While having breakfast with her mom in […]

Man, wife and mistress convicted of cannibalism; sold pies made with bodies to neighbors

Members of a cannibalistic triangle in Brazil have been convicted of murdering two women and making stuffedpastrieswith their flesh. After eating some stuffedbread pastries, Jorge Beltrao […]

Decorated combat pilot faces discharge after trying to stop lesbian officers from French kissing, groping

The U.S. Army was prepared to discharge a decorated combat helicopter pilot this week after he stopped two lesbian officers from kissing on a dance floor during […]

Parents call ‘big bootie’ test question inappropriate with racial undertones

A North Carolina mother said she was “stunned”that aquestion on a high school biologytest given to her child on Nov. 3containedwhat she considered inappropriate language. “LaShamanda has […]

Demoted Harry Reid has a brainstorm: ‘Women think differently than men’

Soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid held a newsconference Thursday to announce the expansion of his leadership team in the wake of midterm losses last week that […]

Outrage! Gun store owner gets taught a lesson after ugly anti-vet Veterans Day rant

An Alabama gun store owner found himself on the receiving end ofdeath threats after posting a Veterans Day rant on that accused American vets of terrorizing other […]

Worried border patrol agents say ‘what the hell’ as agency takes away their guns

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents complained that they have been stripped of thousands of M4 carbines because of a safety concern that could have been addressed […]

Pat Sajak sets record straight about ‘storming off set’

It’s only a game show. But some folks seemed to have trouble keeping that in mind when talk of Pat Sajak‘s “storming” off the set of the […]

Police are planning to ‘kill us in the streets’ after verdict, says Ferguson activist

As the town of Ferguson, Mo., awaits an announcement from thegrand jury about its decision whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting […]

Florida Dillard’s forced to pull offensive holiday sign out of girls’ department

“Dear Santa, this year please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t those two up like you did last year. […]

Obama commits U.S. military to border security efforts … but not in America

President Barack Obama committed U.S. military forces to border security Wednesday, calling it his “No. 1 focus.” Unfortunately, he wasn’t talking about the U.S. border with Mexico, […]

Diner asks waitress to recommend wine; gets surprise bill for $4,700

A New Jersey diner got a bigger bill than he expected after ordering wine with his meal. A hundred times bigger, to be precise. Joe Lentini, who […]

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