Unfair GOP debate green rooms have campaigns screaming mad; guess who shares with a toilet?

With the next round in the Republican presidential debates set, tensions are high enough without any extra drama. But what campaign staff for some GOP candidates found […]

NY Times admits strange standards: It’s OK to offend Catholics because they don’t riot?

The New York Times offered a strange explanation this week for its double standard in publishing images that could offend religious groups: It boils down to: Muslims […]

David beats Goliath! Tiny church wins Supreme Court victory against government limiting signs

A small church in Arizona stood up to government discrimination and won a Supreme Court decision Thursday against local officials seeking to limit signs posted by the […]

Cameras capture the real story in McKinney that should be viral

While dueling demonstrations for and against police escalated to near violence in McKinney, Texas, on Friday, news cameras were able to capture one powerful moment of hope. […]

Spokane police suspend hate crime cases involving Dolezal; she’s shocked they don’t believe her

Rachel Dolezal’s skin may not be the only thing she’s been lying about. Dolezal had reported to Washington police that an envelope with hateful messages was sent […]

Single mom finds lump; fired for leaving work to get mammogram

  A single mom in Pennsylvania was fired from her job after asking to leave for an hour to get a mammogram. “It’s unfortunate that I lost my […]

4-year-old’s precious headstone removed without family’s consent after complaints it didn’t fit cemetery

Three days after a memorial headstone was placed at a little boy’s grave, cemetery officials had it removed without ever consulting the family. The reason? Another family’s […]

Scholars reject new AP history exam for ‘pervasive anti-patriotism . . . focus on America’s shortcomings’

College professors from across the country are taking a stand against what they call bias in history standards of a new Advanced Placement exam. Watch the latest […]

Flight attendant photo snowballs into huge ordeal; should she be fired?

A Spirit Airline flight attendant’s job is in jeopardy after a disgruntled passenger complained about her posing for photos in a most unusual location – inside the […]

Common Core nightmare in science: Climate change indoctrination hits 13 states

Several U.S. states are noticing a troubling thread in Common Core science lessons: an attempt to convince students that climate change is real. Watch the latest video […]

Revenge killing: Christian reportedly beheads ISIS jihadist

In a complete reversal of the usual news of Christians being murdered by Islamic State members, a Syrian Christian fighter has now beheaded an IS militant, according […]

Delta buys pizza for entire plane of passengers delayed by bad weather

Passengers on several diverted Delta flights Tuesday were pleasantly surprised when a travel problem turned into a pizza party instead. Planes bound for Atlanta had to be […]