When old, boring Christmas lights just won’t do

Technology has pushed home holiday decorations to new heights. Through the use of computers, dimmers, controllers, amplifiers and software, the term “deck the halls” has taken on […]

Hi-tech geeky gifts for those who have everything

Every year, I dread Christmas shopping. My father-in-law is especially hard to shop for. Dad is 89 years old and has just about everything — from gadgetry […]

A talented 17 year old co-writes and performs a tribute to our troops

A BizPac Review reader named Joy s a video tribute to our troops and their d ones. Her 17 year old daughter co-wrote and performed this song […]

Campaign tips: Micro-targeting voters – it’s all about the data

Political campaigns have traditionally relied on census data — a voter’s history of turnout, demographic data such as age or race and party registration — to form […]

The holidays: Websites supporting our troops and their families

With the holidays bearing down on us, I wanted to some of the legitimate websites that support our troops and their families. I have personal experiences […]

Smarter phones let your fingertips do the walking – and buying and banking

When direct deposit became popular in the 1970s, it was predicted that we would become a cashless society. Smartphones are helping move us in that direction. Banking […]

Diana Demarest: Mobile Marketing

You may have seen these strange-loing squares popping up on coupons, on product packaging, ed materials and even on clothing items. These are called Quick Response Codes, […]

Pinpointing our world: Global positioning systems

From weapons systems to directional mapping gadgets in our vehicles, global positioning systems have changed the way we live, do business and keep time. The first GPS […]

Demarest: A Brief History of the Internet

The birth of the Internet was sparked on Oct. 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union launched a satellite named Sputnik. This was the Cold War era, and […]

Diana Demarest on bugs and spam

Have you ever wondered where some of the technology terms we use came from? Some haveinteresting, even humorous, origins. Here are two examples: “Bugs” We always hear […]

Happy 30th Birthday IBM PC

Trying to shed IBM’s reputation for being a sluggish corporate giant, its Boca Raton lab director, Bill Lowe, claimed that he and his team could develop a […]

How Computers Got “Gooey”

As you tap away on your iPad or laptop, it may be hard to remember an unwired world. But as most adults 40 and older will attest, […]