18-yr Army officer resigns after Biden’s ‘tyrannical’ vax mandate, ‘Marxist takeover’ of military

President Joe Biden’s decree that all members of the military must get vaccinated has given rise to dissension in the ranks as some are choosing to resign […]

Trump reacts to stunning report about ‘Dumba**’ General Milley, and ‘sleaze’ Woodward

Former President Donald J. Trump expressed doubt that a report alleging that General Mark Milley promised his Chinese counterpart that he would provide advanced warning of any […]

Syracuse asst. professor ‘really disturbed’ watching ‘white pundits’ still talking about 9/11 after 20 years

As the nation solemnly marked the 20th anniversary of the most devastating terrorist attacks ever carried out on American soil, the depraved left devoted their time to […]

Biden ‘booed massively’ by crowd of protesters as he arrives to campaign for Newsom

President Joe Biden was greeted by loud boos from a crowd of patriotic Americans when he traveled to California to campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom on the […]

California Republicans told they already voted due to something ‘wonky’ with computers, KTLA reports

Reports of voting issues are coming out of California in advance of Tuesday’s special recall election when the fate of embattled Governor Gavin Newsom will be decided, […]

Radical left loses it when Gabbard drops truth bomb on what inspired 9/11 terrorist attacks

There is no honest way to recognize the 20th anniversary of the deadliest terror attacks ever carried out on American soil without acknowledging the underlying ideology that […]

Rose McGowan to join with Larry Elder, dish on claim Newsom’s wife was Harvey Weinstein go-between

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s fight to survive Tuesday’s recall election might become much more complicated following a stunning allegation by actress Rose McGowan involving notorious convicted sexual […]

Nicolle Wallace hijacks solemn observance of 9/11 to defend Biden’s dictatorial vaccine mandate

On a day when America respectfully observed the 20th anniversary of the most devastating terrorist attacks ever carried out against the nation, liberal pundits were engaged in […]

Slain Trump supporter’s estate sues Portland for his ‘preventable’ death, cites ‘hands-off’ policing

The estate of a Trump supporter who was gunned down in cold blood by an Antifa sympathizer last year has filed a lawsuit against the city of […]

Campos-Duffy: Biden ‘declared war on freedom’ with ‘malicious’ mandate

President Joe Biden declared war on freedom with his bellicose speech announcing that he would be ushering in a state of medical dictatorship by threatening corporations with […]

2nd Amend groups worry Biden’s vaccine mandate will embolden him to take guns

President Joe Biden’s stunning announcement that he would be weaponizing the federal government against businesses to force their employees to get vaccinated has already led to fears […]

LA Sheriff calls racist attack on Larry Elder a hate crime motivated by ‘woke privilege’

Outrage continues to mount in the aftermath of a racially motivated attack on California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder who was accosted by a woman wearing a gorilla […]

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