93-year-old shoots attempted burglar after multiple break-ins, says police were taking too long to help

(Video Credit: KABC) Attempted robbers in southern California were no match for a 93-year-old retired plumber who took matters into his own hands, whipped out his shotgun […]

Social media weighs in when Texas man pleads guilty to sex acts with a horse

A Texas man pled guilty to “horsing around” after committing sex acts with multiple horses at a horse boarding facility in San Antonio. Jean Marie Bugoma “stirrup-ed” […]

Nearly-3-in-10 Americans say it may ‘soon be necessary to take up arms’ against the govt.

(Video Credit: CNN) As America gears up to honor the adoption of the Declaration of Independence this Fourth of July, a new survey revealed Americans’ growing political […]

NRA plans legal steps in response to California DOJ doxing gun owners: ‘They have placed lives at risk’

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is formulating its legal strategy in response to the “despicable” actions of the California Department of Justice that doxed every legal gun […]

Carnage in Chicago: 5-month-old baby girl killed after being shot in the head

A five-month-old baby girl is the latest victim of lawless criminals responsible for Chicago’s out-of-control crime wave. The baby was shot in the head on Friday evening […]

‘Unaccompanied’ migrant children to be housed in NC after Biden admin inks 5 year deal

Unaccompanied migrant children will soon be transported and detained at a former private school located in Greensboro, NC thanks to President Joe Biden’s administration. The contract between […]

Disney employee: Company’s vow to pay abortion travel costs will ‘alienate’ customers, hit at profits

Disney delved into politics again on Friday with a memo reassuring employees that their out-of-state abortion costs would be covered in the light of the Supreme Court […]

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy rips Dan Bongino in an EPIC profanity-laced clash over Roe decision

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and podcast host Dan Bongino broke out in an online catfight after the former posted his hot take response to Roe v […]

MSNBC host grills California Lt. Gov on calls to defy SCOTUS: ‘Are you calling on people to break the law?’

 (Video Credit: MSNBC) In an interview on MSNBC on Friday, California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis urged Americans in red states to travel to the democratic stronghold […]

Maher reveals the issue that could help Trump sweep 2024 if he ‘could just let go of the election’

Comedian Bill Maher contended that former President Donald Trump may have a path back into the Oval Office in 2024 if he could just shake off his […]

Ned Ryun rips AOC: ‘You expect stupid people to say stupid things, and Comrade Cortez never disappoints’

 (Video Credit: Fox News) Conservative activist Ned Ryun skewered Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for complaining about her piddly $174,000 Congressional salary and took a shot at […]

‘There’s a better option’: WaPo publishes piece begging Congress to block a 2024 Trump run

The left-leaning Washington Post pleaded with Congress on Thursday to block former President Donald Trump from mounting a 2024 election campaign due to the overstated events that […]

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