Biden WH hosts ‘undocumented Americans’ while FBI warns fake vaccination cards mean jail time

The hypocritical irony of the left to selectively choose which laws to follow has comical, yet utterly disturbing implications in Biden’s America. Apparently, people can flagrantly disregard […]

Herd immunity or not, 4 of 5 opposing COVID-19 vaccine will NOT change their mind: survey

As the number of daily COVID-19 vaccination doses given begin to taper off now that most people who want the vaccine have gotten it, a new poll […]

White House official fesses up that Biden admin ‘had a plan from the beginning’ on migrant surge

President Joe Biden’s administration finally fessed up to the cause of the crisis at the border, brought about by the influx of unaccompanied children arriving in the […]

To mark Mother’s Day, Jill Filopovic calls on those who regret having kids to speak out

One millennial that seems to lack a moral compass wants “birthing persons” to speak out, possibly even pen an essay about how they regret having too many […]

35 tons of garbage, including 700 lbs of human waste, removed from LA homeless camp

This week, Echo Lake Park in Los Angeles California, the location of a former homeless encampment, received a much needed, and long overdue, deep cleaning. The park […]

Gutfeld takes NYT to task over lame take on bathing habits during COVID: ‘Pig Pen is finally vindicated’

The American people seem to be confronted with new made-up evils every week.  This week did not disappoint. What’s on the chopping block this time? Showers. The […]

‘Who’s saying that?’: Newsmax reporter grills befuddled Psaki on Biden’s light schedule, Wuhan leak theory

White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared as confused as President Joe Biden does daily when she was recently confronted with actual questions from a real journalist. […]

Fla election bill prevents ‘Zuckerbucks’ from influencing elections

Florida continued to prove itself as a conservative mecca this week when an election reform bill became law. On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill […]

Cindy McCain rejects transparency, calling ongoing Arizona election audit ‘ludicrous’

Cindy McCain, the widow of late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), has a beef about her home state of Arizona conducting an election audit. Yes, that’s right: McCain […]

Two weeks after Ted Wheeler said time to ‘take city back,’ Portland police declare riot over May Day protest

It looks like Portland mayor Ted Wheeler’s desire to finally “take the city back” from Antifa after over a year of violent rioting isn’t going so well. […]

Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden marks 10 years: ‘There will never be closure’ for 9/11 victims

Saturday, May 1, marked a monumental anniversary when a brave team of 23 Navy SEALs did something remarkable that changed the world. The team stormed the house […]

Are fully vaccinated liberals afraid to remove their masks because they’ll look like Republicans?

There might finally be an answer to what many believe is inexplicably weird and contradictory mask-wearing guidance from the CDC: Liberals are afraid to remove their masks […]