NYC mayor admits soft-on-crime progressive prosecutors are responsible for rising crime

(Video Credit: NBC) Democrat mayor of New York City Eric Adams admitted that the soft-on-crime approach of the progressive left that treats criminals like the victim was […]

‘Just another crappy day’: Investigation launched when Ohio’s GOP state senators targeted by revolting packages

A federal criminal investigation was launched after all 25 Republican state senators in Ohio had a really “crappy day” on Thursday when they were targeted by dissenters […]

‘He owns 270,000 acres!’ Charlie Kirk spells out implications of Bill Gates’ massive land grab

(Video Credit: The Charlie Kirk Show) Political commentator Charlie Kirk theorized about “what the heck is going on with North Dakota,” and the probable motive behind China […]

Tucker: ‘No group benefited more from the Covid pandemic than the leaders of communist China’

(Video Credit: Fox News) Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed the devastating impacts the government’s response to the pandemic had on society as the “single most destructive event […]

US Army strips pay and benefits from 60,000 unvaccinated National Guardsman

At a time when most Americans have moved on from the pandemic, over 60,000 National Guardsman and Reservists have been barred from performing their military obligations to […]

Hello! Joe Scarborough suggests ‘MEDIA BIAS’ favors Ron DeSantis over Kamala Harris

With the 2024 Presidential campaign season on the horizon, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough made tall claims about the media’s supposedly rosie portrayal of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fl.) […]

Marvel to have ‘fearlessly femme’ gay Spider-Man swing into action soon, writer says

On the last day of “Pride month” a Spider-Man writer revealed that Marvel Comics has a “fearlessly femme” gay Spider-Man ready to swing into action in the […]

Texas police arrest man, 19, for allegedly planning mass shooting at Amazon facility; fits profile to a ‘T’

A Texas teenager has been taken into custody by San Antonio police on suspicion of planning a mass shooting at his workplace. Rodolfo V. Aceves was a […]

First primaries after overturn of Roe suggest SCOTUS ruling not the hot-button issue Dems are expecting

(Video Credit: Fox News) Many Democrats are hoping to lean on the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade to invigorate voters in the November […]

Biden issues EXACT marching orders for November, warning GOP will ban abortions nationwide

President Joe Biden fear-mongered to his pro-baby killing cronies and implored them to vote more Democrats into Congress during the midterm election or else risk the one […]

‘She seems completely useless’: Democrats have harsh reaction to potential Kamala Harris 2024 run

Prominent leftists are currently white-knuckling the possibility of current Vice President Kamala Harris seeking the Democratic presidential nomination should her boss, President Joe Biden, bow out of […]

‘Reckless disregard for human life’: Jury finds vegan mother guilty of starving 18-month-old to death

A Florida jury has found a vegan mother guilty of starving her 18-month-old son to death after a week-long trial. Sheila O’Leary’s child weighed only 17 pounds […]