Biden redirects from border, cyber attacks to claim systemic racism one of ‘the great crises of our time’

President Joe Biden released a message for the graduating class of 2021 that highlighted several so-called “crises” that the graduates will face. In the video released on […]

‘Assault weapons’ ban overturned in California, Judge calls it ‘unconstitutional’

Though it seems rare these days, a California District judge issued a ruling last night that restores rights back to the citizens of California, rights that are […]

Gov Newsom now saying he won’t be lifting emergency order on June 15, despite previous indications

California Governor Gavin Newsom confirmed on Friday that he would not be giving up his apparent throne on June 15 despite previously indicating that the state would […]

CNN belittles conservatives over study on fake news, but they weren’t ready for the backlash

CNN published a laughable piece this week citing a “study” that belittled conservatives’ judgment of the news. The piece referenced a “small but intensive” study by Kelly […]

San Fran teachers’ union votes to endorse BDS movement

Many parents in San Francisco only got their children back inside a classroom in April after a year of largely ineffective virtual school. While these parents are […]

Trump expresses interest in ending Pelosi’s reign as House Speaker

The murmur of a possible future candidacy for former President Donald Trump has been getting louder over the past few months but he may be considering a […]

Florida rock concert charging $18 per ticket for vaccinated, $999 for unvaccinated

Punk rock used to be the bastion for anti-government sentiments but that appears to be changing in Florida as one concert promoter will require concert-goers to conform […]

Move over Gavin: Court rules Gov. Whitmer recall petitions can proceed in Michigan

In the event you heard loud cheers erupt on Thursday from the direction of Michigan, you may want to start looking for your noisemakers to join in […]

Miami Vice 2.0: Concert shooting leaves 2 dead, 20+ wounded; 3rd mass shooting in as many days

Three gunmen remain at large in the Miami area after allegedly opening fire at a concert early Sunday morning, killing at least two and wounding 22 others […]

‘1619 Project’ creator Nikole Hannah-Jones claims she faced racial discrimination at UNC, considering lawsuit

Nikole Hannah-Jones, the creator of the highly controversial and discredited “1619 Project,” sent a letter to her alma mater threatening a lawsuit for their recent decision to […]

Bewilderment as China censors parts of ‘Friends: The Reunion’

Several Chinese networks seem to have found parts of the newly released “Friends: The Reunion” episode not quite in line with communist China’s ideals. There were around […]

Biden’s outrageous $6T budget proposal could possibly have taxpayers funding abortions

President Joe Biden dropped a $6 trillion budget proposal on Friday just before the long holiday weekend but the outrageous price tag was just the tip of […]

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